“Hard work is just hard work. Sometimes it pays off. Sometimes…it doesn’t.”

“Hard work is just hard work. Sometimes it pays off. Sometimes…it doesn’t.”

Posted On February 29, 2016

An open letter written by a (now former) Yelp employee to her CEO has drawn a lot of attention recently, both for elements of the entitlement issues that are so often associated with millennials and for the harshness with which another millennial reacted to it. The original letter, posted on Medium.com by a 25-year-old Yelp employee who identifies herself as “Talia Jane,” related in great detail the difficulties of getting by on an entry-level salary in the expensive San Francisco Bay area as well as her disenchantment with her lack of upward mobility, told she’d be stuck in customer support… Read More

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The Original Workplace Disruptors Would Like Some Love, Too

Posted On February 14, 2016

I’ve written a lot on the blog lately about how many workplaces are shifting – some, perhaps too quickly – to attract millennials. A recent Forbes article, however, argues that employers would be wise to not forget about Generation X. Writer Natalie Burg, a former downtown development professional, cites executives and human resources professionals who note that Gen-Xers are valuable in managerial roles because they can relate to both Baby Boomers and millennials, and alienating them through fast-tracking company policies toward millennials can result in a leadership void. But how to ensure, as you seek to attract the most talented… Read More

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The Job of the Workplace to Fulfill Every Desire?

Posted On February 2, 2016

How important is workplace atmosphere to a millennial? Apparently it was important enough to at least one of them to blow off one of the premier employers in her desired profession. Hannah Gordon, a journalism student at St. Bonaventure University, recently shared her thoughts about a visit to the New York Times in a letter to TAPinto.net. The Times is considered by many journalists to be the pinnacle of the profession, a place to which the most ambitious reporters and editors aspire. Gordon, however, saw it differently, noting her disappointment at finding a “near-silent newsroom” instead of “the bustling, comradery-filled… Read More

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