I Jinxed ‘Em

I Jinxed ‘Em

Posted On November 26, 2022

I think by talking too much about my superstitions, I ended up jinxing the team. ————————- Well, I think I jinxed them. My sons’ football team fought hard all season and last Friday night they were bested by a very fast and athletic opponent. The boys were gloomy for just a little while. They quickly realized they had overachieved and then they held their heads high. I’m very proud of them. I guess a jinx and a superstition are two different sides of the same coin. Superstitions are proactive and meant to bring hoped-for results. I once carried a tiny… Read More

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Trying to Control the Magic

Posted On November 18, 2022

I don’t believe in superstitions unless they work. ————– When I told my wife the topic of today’s commentary, she warned that people are going to get tired of hearing me talk about this. However, I feel I’m kind of obligated to discuss it. Let me explain. I think it was Dr. Gerald May – who’s an author, psychiatrist, and theologian – who wrote in one of his books that superstition is best defined as “trying to control the magic.” And I like that definition. And I like that a guy who is both a medical doctor and theologian acknowledges… Read More

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Survive and Advance

Posted On November 12, 2022

My sons won their football game last Friday night in an upset giving parents like me one more game and…it’s a home game. ——– If you heard last week’s commentary, you might like to know that my sons’ football team won their playoff game in an upset in Montgomery Friday night. My favorite oldest son – a wide receiver – made a nice catch on a screen play and was tackled from behind by a savage mountain of a full-grown man. My son said it was a clean hit and was all good but…I can’t bring myself to like that… Read More

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Final Game

Posted On November 5, 2022

I used to complain about the amount of time I spent on the sidelines of my children’s sports. Today I worry that those days are running out too quickly. And – a special think yo to a listener. ———– Randy Fowler came to my house Saturday morning with his daughter Julie. Randy was in Mobile from Tuscaloosa to see his grandson’s football game and wanted to meet me – his daughter, Julie, lives a few doors down. Randy listens to these Keepin’ It Real commentaries each Friday morning sitting in his car outside 5 Java in downtown Tuscaloosa and then… Read More

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Flight Disruption

Posted On October 29, 2022

Sometimes when escaping the rat race you find yourself becoming a rat.  ————- Air travel brings out something in people that, in normal life, stays hidden. It’s the combination of the expense, non-negotiable departure times, lots of uncertainty, and lots and lots of people packed into tight confines. Then add travel disruptions, crying babies, potentially rude airline staff and it escalates the tension. During air travel you see who people really are. And you may learn some unpleasant things about yourself. Years ago, I watched a father change his baby’s diaper while laying his baby across two tray tables during… Read More

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Life Stages

Posted On October 21, 2022

A young man asked “My customers keep telling me I remind them of their children. What should I do?”  ————- A young man approached Tuesday after my seminar in Orlando. “I’m twenty-four years old,” he said “and when I’m making sales calls, people say I remind them of their son. How am I supposed to take that?” he asked. He felt he wasn’t being taken seriously. He worried that he wasn’t doing a good job. And, he felt it was kind of an insulting to say. I remember being in his shoes. I launched into my career intending to kick… Read More

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Organ Recital

Posted On October 14, 2022

My friends and I attend an organ recital together each week. It’s not what you think… ——————- The pickle ball bug has bitten. A buddy put together a group of guys all about the same age to play each Wednesday evening not long ago. We all showed up, most of us knew each other, debated the rules for a while, and we got started. It’s now a regular thing. Each time we gather we shake hands, we catch up and bit, and each of us, whether we’re asked or not, goes through what’s called The Organ Recital. It’s a part… Read More

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Quiet Quitters

Posted On October 8, 2022

Lots of talk about “quiet quitters” with my clients these days. Here’s what I’m learning about them and about the companies who aren’t having any problems with them.  ——————— Quiet quitting is all the talk with my corporate seminar clients these days. Many don’t understand it, nor do they understand why someone would do it. My clients could, of course, go through some extra effort to ask their employees about quiet quitting but most won’t because it’s too much work. Which is, ironically, what quiet quitting is all about – not willing to go the extra mile because of the… Read More

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Of Ants and Airlines

Posted On September 30, 2022

I had a seven hour delay home back from Dallas last week. While I waited, I finished the biography of Alabama-born biologist Edward Wilson and began applying Wilson’s research to the problems I was experiencing with the airline.  ———————- Let’s talk about ants. Not females, like Aunt Martha. But bugs. Ants create complex colonies where every one of them exists to support the growth and safety of the colony. Ants can’t help it. It’s not their choice. They’re driven entirely by instinct. No ant finds food and considers keeping it for themselves. They turn and tell the colony and then… Read More

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The Buddha (AL Public Radio Pledge Drive)

Posted On September 16, 2022

  On this week’s Keepin’ It Real, Cam Marston tells us about the Three Poisons and the three good things taught to us by the Buddha. About 2500 years ago, the Buddha listed the three things that bring unhappiness. They’re referred to as The Poisons and these things, he essentially said, will put you into a pit that’s very hard to get out of. My take on it is this: any harm caused between humans comes from these three things. What are they? They’re Anger, Greed, and Ignorance. I can say, with confidence, that any harm I’ve done to others… Read More

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