Staring At the Clock

Staring At the Clock

Posted On May 24, 2024

On this week’s Keepin’ It Real, what was Cam doing today at 4:59am? Well, he wasn’t getting out of bed. That we know for sure. —– Most mornings I’m staring at the clock about 4:30 am waiting to get up. I won’t allow myself to get out of bed before 5am. Getting your day started at 5am means you’re aggressive. You’re eager to get going. Getting out of bed before 5am means you have a problem. They’re slight gradations. Minutes matter and 4:59am is a good bit different from 5am. I stare at the clock until it turns 5 when… Read More

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Don’t Get Sick

Posted On May 19, 2024

On this week’s Keepin’ It Real, Cam has seen much more of the healthcare world these days than he would like. His advice: Stay well. —– I’ve been given an up a close look at our health care system over the past several months. It’s been, well, disappointing. And this comes after hearing a remarkable speaker discuss the importance of customer service on company culture. I made a reference several months ago to the pain I’ve had. It’s finally been diagnosed as polymyalgia rhumatica, or PMR. It showed up around February first and has been a part of every day… Read More

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He’s Not Roscoe

Posted On May 10, 2024

Each spring Cam sits in his morning reading chair and see’s a friend just outside the window. But Cam won’t give him a name. He absolutely won’t. —– My lizard friend is back again. He shows up on the air conditioner every spring just outside the window. He stays there quite a while each morning, arriving about half an hour after sunrise. I sit each morning in my reading chair and keep an eye out for him. And suddenly, he’s there. I grew up calling these things chameleons. Wikipedia, however, just told me he is a green anole and he… Read More

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Talking in the Locker Room

Posted On April 26, 2024

On this week’s Keepin’ It Real, Cam Marston takes a moment to observe the fingerprint of time. And wishes he hadn’t. —– Talking to a naked man is awkward. It’s just…awkward. There are men that have come my gym at the same time every day for decades. And their work in the gym may have kept them alive but it has not kept them from aging. There is nothing firm on them. There’s nothing taut. Age plus gravity has left a sagging fingerprint. And talking to a naked man, especially one with some age on him, is, well, awkward. They’re… Read More

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Posted On April 19, 2024

On this week’s KIR, Cam Marston wonders if he could do the same thing for fifteen years and know, just know in his bones, that it would pay off. —– I’ve just watched the documentary on Steve Martin called “Steve! A Documentary in Two Pieces.” I’ve always liked Steve Martin. What caught my attention the most is that he did his standup act for fifteen years. The vast majority of that time, his audiences were very small. In one video clip, he’s counting the number of people in the room during his act – there were fifteen people there. He… Read More

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April’s Fool

Posted On April 12, 2024

On this week’s Keepin It Real, Cam Marston hypothesizes on what a parenting podcast from him and his wife would sound like. —– My wife and I sat together at the beach last week laughing as we retold stories and reminded ourselves of the humor of parenting. Especially as Gen X parents. We decided to compose a social media post together. The date was April first, and that date matters. The post read the following: We are frequently asked how we’ve raised four perfect children. Here’s our response: We are excited to announce our new Parenting Podcast called Gen X… Read More

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Workplace Veterans

Posted On March 29, 2024

On this week’s Keepin It Real, Cam Marston has some observations about the NCAA tournament. The old guys are winning, and he likes that. —– Someone in my family is not pleased right now. As I write this Wednesday, I don’t know who. Last night the North Carolina Tar Heels basketball team took on the Alabama Crimson Tide in the NCAA tournament. My wife is a Carolina grad. I was unaware people could like basketball that much until I met her. My son is a Freshman at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. He was an avid sports fan moments… Read More

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Need A Message

Posted On March 21, 2024

On this week’s Keepin’ It Real, Cam is searching for a message and if he hears one, he WILL obey. —– I think there is someone or something out there trying to send me a message. A few things have happened lately that seem, well, like there is a message coming or attached but I don’t know what it is. First, storms rolled through a few months ago knocking out the power. Fortunately our house has a generator attached and it kept a few rooms running for a little while. My friends began texting about their power being out. I… Read More

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Tell Them Both I Said Hello

Posted On March 14, 2024

There’s a grocery store Cam goes to when he’s in a hurry. It’s NOT the one closest to his house. That one is full of memories. Full of roots. —– I saw him see me. He turned and headed my way. “Cam,” he said. “How’s you mother?” “Well,” I said. “She passed away two years ago.” I saw you at her funeral, I wanted to say. I remember talking to you. “Oh. Yes. That’s right. I’m sorry. Well then, how’s your father?” “Dad’s wonderful. He plays pickleball five, sometimes six days a week. Sometimes twice a day. He’s eighty-seven but… Read More

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Parent’s Weekend

Posted On March 8, 2024

On today’s Keepin’ It Real, Cam shares something he saw last weekend that made him feel a little bit better about things. —– I’m in Starbucks. It’s Saturday. It’s Noon. I’m in Tuscaloosa at the corner of Bryant Drive and 8th Avenue. Sororities across the street disgorging young ladies for their morning cups of honey-dew latté with extra chai, extra vanilla essence and a dash of bumble bee eyelashes or something like that. Yoga pants as far as the eye can see. One girl wearing a T-shirt reading Don’t Date Frat Boys. Parents here for fraternity and sorority parent’s weekend…. Read More

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