Brexit to the Millennials – Uppercut to the Jaw

Brexit to the Millennials – Uppercut to the Jaw

Posted On July 26, 2016

When Great Britain voted to leave the European Union last month, an issue known globally by the mashup term Brexit, generational politics and preferences played a huge role in the result. Younger people voted overwhelmingly to stay in the EU, while older voters largely opted out. According to polling cited…

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Entitled? Or bad timing? Or maybe a little of both?

Posted On July 21, 2016

Are millennials really the lazy, entitled brats they’re made out to be? Or is the millennial stereotype a media creation? Sarah Kendzior suggests in a recent article for Quartz that the image of millennials as spoiled narcissists is a media-generated “myth” that ignores the economic conditions under which the generation…

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What’s Old is New Again. And Again. And Again.

Posted On July 8, 2016

Eleven years ago, in 2005, the Work and Family Researchers Network presented the findings of researcher Paulette R. Gerkovich, who’d studied the views of Generation X professionals. At the time, Gerkovich touted her study as breaking new ground, noting that much of the information available about Generation X prior to…

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