Who are you calling a slacker?

Who are you calling a slacker?

Posted On December 30, 2014

The Bank of America Fall 2014 Small Business Owner Report warrants a second post. It’s chock full of generational tidbits, including a look at how the generations describe themselves. There is significant backlash against generational trends and analysis in the media these days—nobody wants to be defined by their generation alone. I get that. But the purpose of trends is to identify shifts and be better able to react to those shifts. And while not every member of a generation will possess every characteristic or fulfill every stereotype of a generation, the overall trends tend to ring true. The BofA… Read More

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Millennials making their mark in small business

Posted On December 26, 2014

When Bank of America issued its semi-annual report on small business owners this fall, the focus was on generations, specifically Millennials. That may have surprised many of you right off the bat – Millennials are the youngsters, how do they have sufficient trends as small business owners? Remember, they aren’t all fresh out of college anymore (the oldest are in their early thirties), their parents are often Boomers who are ready to retire and pass down the family businesses, and they are very entrepreneurial as a whole. As with everything they do, Millennials are approaching business ownership differently. When reviewing… Read More

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Take your parents to work day

Posted On December 23, 2014

In November, LinkedIn hosted its second annual “Bring in your parents day,” a twist on the “take your child to work day” initiative that started back when Gen X was in elementary school. At first glance this may seem like a gimmick, but there is some sound strategy behind it. LinkedIn is achieving a double-win for the generations with this initiative: It helps educate an older generation about their technology-driven business It helps parents become supportive of their children’s career paths – even when they don’t understand them. Millennials, and to some degree Gen X, have a tendency to have… Read More

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Millennials keep us guessing at the polls

Posted On December 18, 2014

Harvard shocked the pollsters a week before the election with its report that Millennials favored the GOP. And then the Millennials went out and voted Democrat—at least 55% of them did. While still a majority, that represents a significant shift from 2012. Are Millennials becoming more conservative as they age? And if so, is that consistent across fiscal and social positions? One election is too soon to tell. I will admit the poll results surprised me. Millennials have always had a very strong sense of social justice, which has greatly influenced their politics. On the other hand, from a financial… Read More

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