The Story Behind Today’s Extraordinary Lumber Prices – A Perfect Storm of Events

The Story Behind Today’s Extraordinary Lumber Prices – A Perfect Storm of Events

Posted On August 30, 2021

Why are lumber prices at an all time high? Is it Covid? Labor shortages? Tariffs? It’s all of the above plus many more things including the freeze in Texas last year that froze chemical plants, too few long-haul truckers, bugs in Canada, Chinese goods through Vietnam. The list is overwhelming. It’s a perfect storm of random events and there appears to be no end in sight. Bert Scarbrough of Premier Lumber and homebuilder Brian Robertson give me the details. Check out this episode!

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Inspiration for You and Your Team. A Gift to be Given. Something very different. Take a look…

Posted On August 23, 2021

It’s tough out there today. It’s always been tough but today just seems…tougher. Trying to find things to be happy about, to feel good about, seems harder. But we soldier on. In January, I asked myself, “How can I influence the way people feel each day? What are my tools to do so? What are my resources?” Suddenly, my Keepnin’ It Real commentaries leapt forward in my mind. Long a staple on Alabama Public Radio, I’m redesigning the Keepin’ It Real commentaries for corporate use and in the process I’ve seen an opportunity to bring something very non-traditional to my… Read More

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REPLAY: Kieron Elliot is the US Brand Ambassador for The Macallan Scotch Whiskey

Posted On August 22, 2021

We can’t get enough of this guy. Kieron Elliot had us at “sláinte” (pronounced SLAN-ja and meaning “cheers!”) when I heard him giving a presentation on Instagram. He agreed to be on What’s Working and we discuss The Macallan’s plans for bringing Millennials into their brand and he walks me through how to taste two of their signature bottlings for the US – The Macallan 12 and 15 Double Cask. Per Kieron, “chew it.” Chewing it gets the salivary glands involved. Check out this episode!

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Mobile Author Watt Key Discusses the Business Side of Writing

Posted On August 16, 2021

Mobilian Watt Key’s first published book was Alabama Moon and it hit big. Schools picked it up for summer reading. Movie rights were reserved and then purchased. Since then Watt has published a bunch more books and he could keep going but there have been some headwinds in the publishing industry impacting Watt’s ability to tell stories the way he wants to tell them. So, Watt’s going to pivot. In this extended interview we learn what’s worked, where the challenges are, and hear Watt’s plans for the next chapter in his career.  Check out this episode!

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Long Term Care – How It Works and Why You Need To Know About It

Posted On August 9, 2021

Many parents expect their kids to take care of them when they get old. The kids have no plans to do so. Many kids think they’ll receive a fat inheritance when their parents die. The parents will spend every penny to stay alive with some quality of life. And it’s here that long term care insurance becomes important. With a great number of friends assisting aging parents, this topic has landed on high on my radar.  Also, a commentary from friend of show David Webb on a recent disheartening trip he took to New Orleans.  Check out this episode!

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Tony Award Winning Actor Frank Wood on Quickly Creating High Performing Teams

Posted On August 2, 2021

You’ve seen Frank Wood on TV or on the movie screen or on a Broadway stage. He’s busy with his craft. And the process he and a cast go through as they take on a new play is the epitome of how to form a high-performing team. It involves listening to fellow cast members (teammates), taking direction from the director (team leader), taking a strong position on your character (your role in the team), and being eager to be redirected and refocused if the director feels there is something better you can contribute.  Check out this episode!

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