The importance of zoos and doing one little thing to save the planet

The importance of zoos and doing one little thing to save the planet

Posted On December 30, 2019

Are zoos a good thing? Some people would tell you they aren’t, that they’re enclosing animals meant to live in the wild and putting them on display for our own entertainment. Joel Sartore would ask that you consider another angle. “The animals get abundant attention and care and they thrive…

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What millennials want: Food trends for the largest generation

Posted On December 23, 2019

Want to feed millennials? Here’s what you need to know. Forbes recently published a list of food-related trends for millennials, and if you’re a restauranteur or grocer who wants to stay in business, it’s probably advice worth heeding. Millennials not only represent the largest sector of the workforce now, they…

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Gratitude: An Exploration of Post Traumatic Growth

Posted On December 19, 2019

Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, PhD is a professor at Columbia University and has a book called Happier in which he explores the topic of gratitude and how exhibiting gratitude makes you more grateful. It’s an upward spiral, he says. Following Dr. Ben-Shahar we meet Stephanie Anderton and Rob Stuardi, both of…

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How an ‘environmentalist capitalist lunatic farmer’ is changing how we think about agriculture

Posted On December 17, 2019

How does an English major become a successful farmer? And how does a man who just wanted to see if he and his wife could subsist while farming his family’s land become an internationally renowned authority on regenerative, environmentally-friendly farming and ranching methods? Joel Salatin, our guest in a recent…

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Want to succeed in sales? Listen to a coach

Posted On December 16, 2019

We’ve all heard the saying: “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.” But is it true? And, more specifically, is it true about those who teach how to do sales? There is a healthy amount of skepticism about the effectiveness of sales coaches, but in a recent episode of…

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Managing an institution like the Grand Hotel means respecting tradition and creating memories

Posted On December 12, 2019

What does it take to manage a place that people love so much, they come back year after year? Scott Tripoli can tell you. Our guest in a recent episode of “What’s Working with Cam Marston,” Tripoli is the general manager of the Grand Hotel Golf Resort and Spa in…

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Joel Sartore, leader of National Geographic’s Photo Ark, is Doing Work that Matters

Posted On December 9, 2019

Joel Sartore has grand ambitions. Photographing every animal in human captivity requires exhausting travel to the four corners of the earth. But he’s on a mission to catalog these creatures, great and small, for human posterity. He’s lived most of his life with a camera in his hands and his…

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Catching back up with Eleven86: More than just selling water

Posted On December 3, 2019

Back in April, we met Marquis Forge, who left the automotive industry to answer a call from on high – a call to enter an industry he knew little about. Forge founded Eleven86 Water in Autaugaville, Alabama with a mission to help revitalize the town in which it’s produced. “This…

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OK, Boomer: iGen strikes back

Posted On December 2, 2019

If you are of a certain age and like to share your opinions on open social media platforms like Twitter, you may have come across a cryptic response: “OK, Boomer.” It should not be mistaken as acquiescence. You have just been given a two-word slap-down by the younger generation, a…

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Joel Salatin’s Returned to the Roots of Farming to Great Success

Posted On December 2, 2019

Joel Salatin took a ragged and depleted farm in Virginia and returned it to a producing plot of land. His methods were very simple yet innovative in today’s farming culture: he studied what nature was already doing and followed its lead. Along the way, Joel learned some marketing skills, gave…

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