Office Space Update: Who’s Returning to the Office? Who’s Not? And How is Office Space Changing?

Office Space Update: Who’s Returning to the Office? Who’s Not? And How is Office Space Changing?

Posted On October 31, 2022

James Lomax manages boatloads of office space in and around Huntsville. He tells me who is returing to tradiational office environments and why, who is not, and how some companies are changing their office design to lure employees back. I then talk with friends of What’s Working Johnny Gwinn and Stacy Wellborn who are part owners of a co-working space in Mobile called The Container Yard about the surge of interest in their space since Covid has let up. Show Sponsors: Alabama Center for Real Estate (ACRE) – Presenting Sponsor Roy Lewis Construction Persons Services Corps Burr Forman Attorneys United… Read More

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Flight Disruption

Posted On October 29, 2022

Sometimes when escaping the rat race you find yourself becoming a rat.  ————- Air travel brings out something in people that, in normal life, stays hidden. It’s the combination of the expense, non-negotiable departure times, lots of uncertainty, and lots and lots of people packed into tight confines. Then add travel disruptions, crying babies, potentially rude airline staff and it escalates the tension. During air travel you see who people really are. And you may learn some unpleasant things about yourself. Years ago, I watched a father change his baby’s diaper while laying his baby across two tray tables during… Read More

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Troubleshooting for entrepreneurs: Identifying common problems and solutions

Posted On October 29, 2022

What are the secrets to starting and building a successful business? There are so many variables in entrepreneurship, it may not be possible to have an answer for every possible contingency. Nikki and Buddy Cummings have a lot of them, however, and they have the resumes to prove it. They’ve built and sold several successful businesses in industries ranging from high school sports marketing to renewable energy. Now they’re sharing what they’ve learned with other entrepreneurs through their California-based consulting business, Cummings Camp Programs. Our guests in the latest episode of “What’s Working With Cam Marston,” the Cummingses say entrepreneurs… Read More

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Buddy & Nikki Cummings – Business Coaches Who Have Been There, Done That

Posted On October 24, 2022

Buddy & Nikki Cummings have grown and sold several businesses of their own and put them in position for an early retirement if they wanted. Instead, they keep at it, getting involved with business that catch their eye and coaching entrepreneurs to grow and spread their own businesses. Theirs is an infectious energy and their lessons come from their own successes and mistakes, not business school texts. Common business problems addressed in common-sense, simple ways.  Show Sponsors: Alabama Center for Real Estate (ACRE) – Presenting Sponsor Roy Lewis Construction Persons Services Corps Burr Forman Attorneys United Bank Angelo DePaola –… Read More

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The Auburn University aviation program is training a new generation of pilots

Posted On October 23, 2022

Want to learn to fly? Auburn University has a program for that. The roots of Auburn’s aviation program stretch all the way back to the Wright brothers, and include pilot training for World War II. These days, they’re preparing students for jobs in an aviation industry in desperate need of replacing a retiring generation of pilots. Our guests in the latest episode of “What’s Working with Cam Marston” were Auburn aviation program coordinator James Birdsong and professor of aviation management Jim Witte, who told us it’s a great time to enter in the industry if you want to learn to… Read More

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Life Stages

Posted On October 21, 2022

A young man asked “My customers keep telling me I remind them of their children. What should I do?”  ————- A young man approached Tuesday after my seminar in Orlando. “I’m twenty-four years old,” he said “and when I’m making sales calls, people say I remind them of their son. How am I supposed to take that?” he asked. He felt he wasn’t being taken seriously. He worried that he wasn’t doing a good job. And, he felt it was kind of an insulting to say. I remember being in his shoes. I launched into my career intending to kick… Read More

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Auburn University’s School of Aviation – Profs Birdsong and Witte Prepping Students for Commercial Aviation

Posted On October 17, 2022

The commercial aviation industry faces a wave of retirements soon and needs new blood. Auburn University has trained college students to become pilots for many years and today their program is bursting with undergraduates eager to help fill these soon to be vacated airline cockpits. Professors James Birdsong and Jim Witte run the Auburn University School of Aviation. Students graduate with a pilot’s license and are well on their way to the needed flight hours to begin their careers with a major airline. This episode is in collaboration with Business Alabama magazine. Thanks to Show Sponsors: Alabama Center for Real… Read More

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The ‘sandwich generation’ needs help. A geriatric care manager can provide it

Posted On October 16, 2022

Have you ever heard of a geriatric care manager? I hadn’t, until I needed one. And if you have aging parents or loved ones, chances are you might be needing one soon, too. A geriatric care manager is a healthcare professional who helps families that are dealing with an aging or disabled loved one. Many of them are nurses, social workers or other healthcare professionals, and certification is available through the Aging Life Care Association. They can find resources in the community for the client and family; evaluate the home care situation and create a care plan; recommend retirement communities,… Read More

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Organ Recital

Posted On October 14, 2022

My friends and I attend an organ recital together each week. It’s not what you think… ——————- The pickle ball bug has bitten. A buddy put together a group of guys all about the same age to play each Wednesday evening not long ago. We all showed up, most of us knew each other, debated the rules for a while, and we got started. It’s now a regular thing. Each time we gather we shake hands, we catch up and bit, and each of us, whether we’re asked or not, goes through what’s called The Organ Recital. It’s a part… Read More

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Ellen Douglas Alves is a Geriatric Care a Manager in a Society with a Rapidly Aging Population

Posted On October 10, 2022

Ellen Douglas Alves sat with my family at a delicate point in the care for my now deceased mother and calmy offered insight and options to a family nearly paralyzed with sadness. She’s part of a growing cadré of geriatric care managers who assist families who have very difficult decisions to make – love for a sick person, limited financial resources, lack of knowledge of options, the list goes on. With a rapidly aging society, demands for geriatric care managers are expected to soar. Meet Ellen Douglas, learn about her role as a “professional relative,” and why you may need… Read More

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