Millennials the Most Hispanic Generation

Millennials the Most Hispanic Generation

Posted On November 8, 2011

Millennials make up the most diverse, and largest, generation in the United States and now the Census and recent studies show that more Millennials are Hispanic or Latino than any other generation and that the majority of Millennial Hispanics were born in the USA. The United States has about 50 million inhabitants that identify as Hispanic or Latino or about 16% of the population. Millennials are proportionately more Hispanic at about 21% meaning there are about 17 million Hispanic Millennials. A recent demographic analysis by MTV says that about 65% of them were born in the United States. In addition,… Read More

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Boomers Spending Online

Posted On November 10, 2011

Since the beginning of Internet commerce up until a year or so ago, members of Generation X have led the way in buying things online with Millennials not far behind. Older generations, even as they warmed to the Internet, were not as trusting or as eager consumers online as the younger sets. Now, according to a new study by Forrester Research, Baby Boomers have become avid online shoppers and the biggest online spenders. 70% of younger Boomers (age 45-55) report having shopped online within the last 3 months, an all time high for their demographic and figure approaching that of… Read More

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Gen X Not Slacking

Posted On November 15, 2011

Generation X has long had the reputation as a bunch of cynical, disagreeable slackers who couldn’t be counted on or get along with others. Perhaps because of my own personal stake in the issue, I’ve often tried to make the case that we Gen Xers are hardworking, responsible, and well-adjusted even if a little on the cynical side. Now, a major new study from the University of Michigan and the National Science foundation proves just that: Gen Xers work hard, lead happy and active lives, and participate in their communities just like everyone else. The study tracked over 4000 Gen… Read More

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Millennials Turning to Entrepreneurship to Get Going

Posted On November 17, 2011

Millennials are finding it tough to crack today’s job market but are increasingly interested in entrepreneurship and start-ups as a way to get their careers going and pursue their goals. A new poll funded by the Kauffman Foundation shows that most Millennials want to start a business or already have. The numbers are even higher for Millennials minorities – over 60% want to or have launched an enterprise. Just 8% of Millennials already own a business – not surprising given their age – but another 11% plan to start one next year. Another 38% want to start a business but… Read More

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