Who’s the best at feeding the piggy bank? You might be surprised.

Who’s the best at feeding the piggy bank? You might be surprised.

Posted On January 21, 2018

Quick question: Which generation would you think is doing the best at saving for the future? Baby Boomers? They’re the closest to retirement, and therefore the benefits of saving should be most immediate to them. Generation X? They’re in their peak earning years, and should have the most resources from which to feed the piggy bank. Either would seem to make sense, and either would be wrong. According to a new Discover Bank survey shared on Nasdaq.com and elsewhere, it’s millennials who are doing the best job at saving. In a nation study of over 2,200 people, 81 percent of… Read More

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On today’s episode in the Generational Blame Game: The Baby Boomers

Posted On January 16, 2018

A favorite narrative these days goes something like this: If you’re wondering about the source of society’s ills, look no further than the millennials. Participation trophies. Entitlement. Pumpkin spice lattes. No wonder we’re in such a mess. You can hardly run a Google search without finding another blustery column by a Generation X or Baby Boomer writer cataloguing the many different ways in which millennials are screwed up, and how they’ve screwed up the country as a result. And all that is a load of bunk. So says Bruce Gibney, a Gen-Xer who was one of the early investors in… Read More

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Martyrdom is Back in Style – In the Workplace, that is

Posted On January 10, 2018

Want to get away? If you’ve seen its commercials, Southwest Airlines believes the universal answer to that question is “Yes.” But a large segment of Americans aren’t ready for a vacation. The thought of taking paid time off from work makes them feel guilty. They tell themselves they can’t afford to get away from the office, because no one else can fill their role. They feel the need to prove their dedication to the job, to appear indispensable. They’re called work martyrs. Chances are you work with a few. And according to 2016 research from Project Time Off, more than… Read More

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