TLAs and FLAs

TLAs and FLAs

Posted On April 28, 2023

Today’s Keepin’ it Real – the language of insiders. —– I made a short statement the other day and my son immediately replied, “That’s cap.” C A P. Cap. I’m unsure what it means. It’s either “that’s the gospel truth” or “that’s a boldface lie.” I thought about it for a moment and decided I didn’t want to know. For centuries generations have used hairstyles, vocabulary, music and clothing to separate themselves from adults just like my kids are doing today. We called things “cool” or “grody” or “sick.” Today my kids use Cap and ‘lit’. When I say someone… Read More

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Matt Barber and I Discuss the Future of Orthopedics as Technology Continues its March

Posted On April 24, 2023

Dr Matt Barber loves his work as a orthopedic surgeon. It’s a combination of of skills that hits his sweet spot, including the advances in technology which peak his intersts. In the studio with me, Dr Barber has a sample of a knee made from a 3D printer of a patient’s scan including the slight imperfections caused by the patient’s age and wear and tear. Dr Barber and I discuss how technology continues to shape the profession, how people like him stay sharp and how you and I can talk to an orthopedist to determine if they’re on top of… Read More

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Introducing a new generation to cigars and cigar-making

Posted On April 21, 2023

Introducing the next generation to the family business can be a challenge, even if your family has been in the business for generations. For Ernesto Perez-Carrillo, patriarch of E.P. Carrillo Cigars, it was all about finding the best roles for his two children, Lissette Perez-Carrillo and Ernesto Perez-Carrillo III, who have degrees and experience in law and economics and both of whom grew up around the cigar business. As co-founders of E.P. Carrillo Cigars with their father, their expertise in these areas has helped grow the brand. “It’s a process,” said Perez-Carrillo, our guest in the latest episode of “What’s… Read More

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Twins in Mexico

Posted On April 21, 2023

This week I’m on the heels of a spring break trip with my youngest children – my twins. ——- I’ve wondered how often my teenaged children brush their teeth. After spending a week in a hotel room with two of them I learned that it is much less frequently than I had thought. Spring break was last week. It’s already been quite a year in the Marston household. With a daughter off at college and my wife and son away on a trip with his classmates, the twins and I flew to an all-inclusive resort on the Pacific coast of… Read More

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Ernesto Perez-Carrillo is the Patriarch of the Celebrated EP Carrillo Cigar Company. And a Stud.

Posted On April 17, 2023

Cigar Aficionado magazine loves EP Carrillo cigars. And they should. The cigars are fantastic. The patriarch of the company is Ernesto Perez-Carrillo. He’s third generation in the business after his (thankfully) failed attempt to become a jazz drummer in New York City as a much younger man. Today he leads the company as they develop new product, supervise the growth of a variety of tobaccos in Central America, train rollers, and market across the world. His son and daughter – both brilliant – are also in the business and he’s grooming them to lead. This year they’re on track to… Read More

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Customer service can set your business apart, or sink it

Posted On April 13, 2023

Business owners spend a lot of money getting customers to come in the door, creating marketing campaigns and buying advertising. Why is it, then, that so many of them send those same customers right back out the door with poor customer service? “Bottom line, it’s respect,” Pam Denham, one of Alabama’s leading customer service trainers, said of its importance. “It’s really not that hard to do these things and be set apart from other businesses because so few people are aware of it.” Denham, who joined us in the latest episode of “What’s Working with Cam Marston,” has run her… Read More

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Customer Service Still Matters. A Lot. Pam Denham and I Discuss.

Posted On April 10, 2023

Customer service still matters, though we don’t hear about it today like we used to. We know customers are increasingly disappointed in the service they receive. They have no problems blowing up social media when they get treated poorly. But customer service training and eduction is woefully lacking. And cheap, online customer service training…stinks. Pam Denham has trained customer service for years. She and I talk about what’s missing today and she offers some simple tips for taking service skills into your company.  Find my book, What Works, online. Show Sponsors: Angelo DePaola – The Coastal Connection Realty E3 Termite… Read More

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Another important thing to remember about retirement: Don’t wait too late

Posted On April 9, 2023

We’ve discussed the importance of succession planning many times in this space with a lot of people who are well versed in the art. One of them added an important caveat recently: Don’t wait too late. Scot Hunsaker sold his swimming pool company at 49 and now counsels other business owners thinking about their futures through the Ardent Group. He’s also delved into his passions, traveling with his wife up the Eastern seaboard and into Canada on their 66-foot boat, and then taking a trip to Australia and New Zealand. It was on these travels that Hunsaker came to a… Read More

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Let’s Go!

Posted On April 7, 2023

Listener’s responses from my request last week: —– To the many of you who pulled your Subaru’s over last week and emailed me, thank you. For those who don’t know, I had a stroke about two weeks ago and am, thankfully, ok. I walked out of intensive care about twenty-four hours later. Other than a fistful of pills every day, I’m back to normal. And as I said last week, it was close and I got lucky. My request last week was what does this all mean? I got very close, received an enormous outpouring of support, and got stuck… Read More

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Scot Hunsaker Returns to the Show with a Message: Don’t wait too long…

Posted On April 3, 2023

Scot Hunsaker was on the show last year talking about how to prepare employees to take over once the CEO decided to leave. He has a recipe for the process which we discussed in a very engaging conversation. Scot and his wife then boarded his boat and began a slow ride up the east coast, around Nova Scotia, and down the St Lawrence river. His boat is now in storage near Chicago. He and his wife then flew to New Zealand and then Australia for a six week trip. From Australia, Scott called. “Cam,” he said, “there’s something I need… Read More

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