Believe it or not, your employees want to be engaged in their work

Believe it or not, your employees want to be engaged in their work

Posted On October 24, 2013

As much as it is maligned, the whole concept of “go out and find a job that makes you happy” may not be such a bad thing after all.  Yes, it is possible that seeking happiness may make a person perpetually dissatisfied, as if there is always likely to be something better around the next bend.  However, there are layers of happiness that can come with simple things, such as career accomplishments.  And it seems this is where some companies are missing the boat. In a recent Workplace Insights study by Accounting Principals, hiring managers shared that while they know… Read More

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Gen X & Y – not your father’s millionaires.

Posted On October 24, 2013

Every year, Fidelity Investments publishes its Millionaire Outlook survey, which analyzes the investing attitudes and behaviors of millionaires. And while the Millennials (or Gen Y as the survey refers to them) are not having the easiest time right out of the college gates, they do have some showing among the young millionaire ranks. Interestingly enough, the study groups Gen X and Gen Y collectively as “young millionaires” with investment traits significantly different than the Boomer+ millionaires.  It is sometimes thought that class, or privilege, trumps the generational norms.  That is, individuals at the far ends of the socioeconomic spectrum are… Read More

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The plight of the Millennial

Posted On October 22, 2013

The delay of adulthood, or extended adolescence, is a well-documented reality and in most discussions a great deal of blame is placed at the feet of parents hover and enable, creating an almost co-dependency.  And while there is certainly some truth to that, good old fashioned economics are also to blame—at least for the Millennials. Throughout history, college graduates had a reasonably expectation of solid professional employment upon graduating with a four-year degree.  College debt was significantly less than it is today.  And while the cultural belief that college is a prerequisite for just about any career path is still… Read More

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Generation X: Time to shine?

Posted On October 17, 2013

Once maligned as slackers and cynics, Gen Xers are coming into their own in the business world.  A recent EY study, reported in Business Week, shows that not only do Xers think they are in position to be the best business leaders right now—their Millennial and Boomer counterparts agree. In fact, Xers were specifically applauded for being the generation least likely to be cynical and condescending. As the article points out however, there is still a grey cloud to go with the silver lining.  Generation X may be the best fit for the leadership role for the moment, but this… Read More

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Will Millennials be intolerant employees? Could that be a good thing?

Posted On October 10, 2013

Millennials bring to the workplace a certain amount of self-righteousness.  They’ve had the participation trophies; they tend to be very philanthropic and altruistic; they are typically more socially open-minded.  And they don’t have any delusions that the job they take fresh out of school is the one they will retire from 40 years later.  Will that combination of traits make Millennial less tolerant of bad work environments?  And if so, will that make companies have to deal with unsavory situations more than they’ve maybe done in the past?  Will Dilbert need to find a new schtick? That is the argument… Read More

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Generational differences must be accommodated to ensure optimal employee engagement

Posted On October 8, 2013

A new survey by Ceridian, reported in MarketWatch, highlights the changing expectations and desires of the different generations in the workplace.  The results demonstrate that generational perspectives have a very real impact on the way employees engage with your business.  Understanding and adapting to the generational difference can make a difference in the employee engagement, job satisfaction and company loyalty. According to the survey, non-monetary rewards are extremely important to the youngest generations.  While salary certainly counts, 64% of respondents overall and 70% of Millennials wanted to see their companies offer perks such as free personal days, free food and… Read More

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Rethinking the Baby Boomer market

Posted On October 3, 2013

Businesses spend quite a bit of time trying to understand what’s next…from the workplace demands of the next generation of superstars to the buying habits of the famed “18-24 target market” of potential brand loyalists.  However, demographics tell us that “what’s next” may well be what just was.  That is, the power of last generation’s new target market—Baby Boomers—is still the most powerful consumer market, and the older Gen Xers are right on their tails.  Businesses need to keep up. By 2017, nearly half the US population will be 50 or older. They will have the more purchasing power than… Read More

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Adolescence officially extended? UK says so.

Posted On October 1, 2013

I’ve been talking to businesses for years about “adultolescence” the phenomenon of extended adolescence that has resulted in younger generations hitting typical adult milestones, such as getting married, buying homes and starting families, at increasingly older ages. According to the BBC, the phenomenon is becoming official. Apparently, UK child psychologists are being told to consider the age range of their patients as 0-25, rather than the traditional 0-18.  As part of the new directive, adolescence is to be broken down into three phases: early (12-14 years old), middle (15-17 years old) and late (18-25 years old).  This new categorization is… Read More

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