How to stand out: the differences between manners, etiquette and protocol and why they matter

How to stand out: the differences between manners, etiquette and protocol and why they matter

Posted On August 30, 2019

Have you ever been invited to a formal dinner and didn’t know what to do? Been in a meeting and weren’t sure if it was rude to check your smartphone? Joined a conversation in progress and didn’t know how or when to introduce yourself? Our guest in a recent episode…

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SA Recycling: George Adams leads 2700 employees, 77 locations, $1B in sales

Posted On August 26, 2019

George Adams leads SA Recycling based in Anaheim, California. Don’t think glass bottles and aluminum cans. Think shredded automobiles and old railroad tracks. He’s grown the company to over $1B in sales and his employees LOVE him. He’s a fan of bottom-up leadership: Let the employees who do the hard…

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How a family-owned coffee company is brewing for a new generation

Posted On August 26, 2019

It’s not often that I get to do a radio show with the owner of a company while I’m consuming his product. But in the latest episode of “What’s Working With Cam Marston,” I sipped on some coffee with chicory produced by Baton Rouge-based Community Coffee while talking with the…

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Gen X won’t be overlooked by financial industry for long

Posted On August 22, 2019

As the Baby Boomers enter retirement and millennials are now the largest segment of the workforce and the consumer base, we’ve noted before that Generation X has somewhat of a middle child syndrome. This might seem particularly true in the financial industry, where Boomers essentially built the industry as we…

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The Gospel of Murder Point Oysters: How to build a boutique seafood business

Posted On August 20, 2019

Boutique businesses are all the rage. From craft beer and small batch bourbon to organic produce and specialty cheeses, small operations that reach and build followings among specific segments of the market are thriving in a number of industries. But seafood? How do you build a following for that? Our…

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Perking Along for Four Generations: Matt Saurage and Community Coffee

Posted On August 19, 2019

Matt Saurage’s great grandfather, Cap Saurage, began Community Coffee in Baton Rouge, Louisiana four generations ago in the year 1919. Matt’s vow is to keep the company true to its roots by providing the best, most consistent brew of coffee the company is capable of and keeping the company viable…

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Outside the comfort zone: The value of adventure travel for teens

Posted On August 19, 2019

In today’s digital age, with almost limitless entertainment at their fingertips and parents hovering overhead, it’s easy for today’s young people to forget what it’s like to do something difficult. But there’s value to facing difficult challenges, and in leaning on the help of peers to help get through them….

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PowerPoint: Not just for conference presentations anymore

Posted On August 18, 2019

PowerPoints are a useful digital tool. They make it easier to organize your thoughts or prepare a presentation. They have become the go-to method of presenting information at conferences, business meetings, professional development and any number of other professional settings. And now, apparently, they can also help you find your…

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Moondance Adventures: A Summer Camp for Youth that Teaches Lessons for Life

Posted On August 12, 2019

Hayes Hitchens has created a summer camp experience for youth that takes them all over the globe to push themselves in unexpected ways. Though the destinations may be exotic, the environment, the treks, the goals, and the teamwork forces the participants to work together. And the outcome, according to Hitchens,…

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Murder Point Oysters: The Story of a Bayou La Batre Shrimper who Never Looked Back

Posted On August 5, 2019

Lane Zirlott’s passion for the oysters he raises is immediately evident. He gives them names, he talks to them, he treats them as passionately and as carefully as a wine grower treats the grapes in his prize vineyard. And it shows. Lane’s Murder Point Oysters are served in the finest…

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