Blind faith: When the business plan is answering a call from God

Blind faith: When the business plan is answering a call from God

Posted On April 9, 2019

Marquis Forge is the CEO of Eleven86 Water, but he says that’s just a title. It’s God, he says, who runs the company, and God who started it in the first place. Forge, our guest in a recent episode of “What’s Working With Cam Marston,” is a former walk-on football…

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Faith in the workplace: Where do you draw the line?

Posted On September 12, 2018

Where is the line between religious freedom and discrimination in the workplace? The recent case of a baker who refused service to a gay couple on religious grounds brought the issue to the forefront nationally. But there are many other less sensational everyday instances where employers might be exposing themselves…

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“Millennials are not looking for perfect people…Jesus already handled that.”

Posted On July 14, 2015

How do you keep millennials in your church? You certainly can’t be afraid of change – and change is not something with which religion has been historically comfortable. This is an entity, after all, that hasn’t changed its mission statement in 2,000 years. But while the mission by definition won’t…

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