Another dose of adversity, please, for the kids’ sake.

Another dose of adversity, please, for the kids’ sake.

Posted On December 23, 2016

Are millennials suffering from a lack of adversity? The question was posed in a headline on this week, introducing a column by Eddie Vines, a Jefferson County, Alabama district judge whose guest editorial on the website was basically a column-length version of “Get off my lawn.” Most millennials haven’t known want, Vines says, on the level of his parents in the Great Depression. Most millennials have never had to sacrifice like the Greatest Generation. The sky is blue. Water is wet. Every generation thinks the one below it is soft. Fathers who lived through the Revolutionary War probably thought… Read More

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Working From Home – It’s For Everybody, Right?

Posted On December 13, 2016

Who among us wouldn’t love to work from home? No unwelcome interruptions from overly chatty co-workers. Unlimited refills from our own refrigerator and snacks from our own cupboard. Background music of our own choosing and as loud as we like. And, perhaps best of all, no dress requirements. While working from home may seem like a millennial invention, its rise is really just a product of the technology that’s been developed during the millennials’ entrance into the workplace. With the internet, remote messaging systems and cloud technology, there’s often little reason for all of a company’s employees to be under… Read More

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iGen, Education Trends, & and the Changing World of Work

Posted On December 6, 2016

(Today’s blog comes from our go-to demographer Gerald Bierling. I’ve asked Gerald to gather content on the generation following the Millennials – often called the Plurals or Gen Z, I prefer the term iGen – and afterwards, summarize some of it regarding the workplace.) by Gerald Bierling A lot is being written about the changing world of work and the difficulties the next few generations of Americans will have finding employment. Much of it focuses on the potential loss of jobs due to computerization. Researchers out of Oxford University, for example, estimate that up to 47% of US employment is… Read More

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