Gen X Crunched by Career & Kids

Gen X Crunched by Career & Kids

Posted On September 4, 2012

First there was the sandwich generation – the Boomers caught between caring for their growing kids and their aging parents. Now there’s Gen X-hausted, according to an Economist writer – Gen Xers who are crunched between maximizing their career peaks and caring for young children – an exhausting combination. The median age for professional married couples, especially professional married men, to have their first children is creeping into the mid-30s (32 for married women, 34 for married men). That means many Gen Xers are caring for young, school-age children well into their 40s, the same age range when career and… Read More

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Baby Boomers: The Grandparent Demographic

Posted On September 7, 2012

This week’s Grandparents’ Day is an appropriate time to notice that Baby Boomers now dominate the Grandparent demographic. According to statistics cited by Newsday, Boomers now make up a majority of grandparents. The average grandparent is a Leading Edge (Early) Boomer (64). The average new grandparent is a Late Boomer (47) The new identity of many Boomers as grandparents is important because of their involvement and commitment, financial and otherwise, in the lives of their grandchildren. Boomer grandparents spend over $35 billion annually on their grandkids. Overall, 52% of grandparents help fund their grandchildren’s educations and 45% help pay for… Read More

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Millennials’ “BYOD” Straining Network Security

Posted On September 11, 2012

One of the employee demands that Millennials are bringing to the workforce is known as BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device – the ability to bring their own smartphones, tablets, netbooks, etc., and to utilize workplace networks with them, including for work purposes. Now, a survey of network administrators shows a sharp increase in threats to network security and most of them blame Millennials who BYOD.0000 40% say their systems have been compromised by unauthorized downloads and many blame Millennials, specifically “males between 20 and 35” who have demanded access to workplace networks with their own electronics. Moreover, 80% of… Read More

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Baby Boomers Seek Meaningful Encore Careers

Posted On September 13, 2012

Many Baby Boomers are working past retirement by starting a second, or “encore,” career. reports that 9 million Boomers have already launched their retirement careers. That’s about 10% and well more than the number of Boomers who have reached official retirement age. In their encore careers, Boomers are often looking to do something meaningful or “make a difference.” In that respect, they mirror Millennials who favor jobs that have a purpose or social conscience. Non-profits, education, and community work are obvious choices for meaningful work but Boomers are also finding meaning in starting their own businesses. Leading Edge (older)… Read More

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Millennials the “Cheapest Generation”?

Posted On September 18, 2012

Millennials aren’t buying, at least not big ticket items, according to an Atlantic Monthly analysis that calls them the “The Cheapest Generation.” The number of twenty-somethings who buy cars is off nearly a third from its peak. Even the number of teenagers with a driver’s license is down nearly 30% in the last ten years. Home-buying numbers are similar. The number of people under 35 buying homes is down by 12%. Millennials are a generation short on money, with a heavy debt load and grim job prospects. But, in addition to not having the money for big-ticket items, Millennials don’t… Read More

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Millennials Weigh In

Posted On September 27, 2012

The political potential of Millennials has begun to be realized across the globe in the last few years, as they reach adulthood and voting age. In the Middle East, younger generations are seen as largely responsible for the social-media fueled Arab Spring and Green Revolution. In Europe, Millennials affected by the economic crisis have taken to the streets in protest. And in the United States, Millennial voting patterns are seen as responsible, in part, for the outcome of the 2008 election. The shape and degree of their influence going forward has come into sharp focus as the 2012 election nears…. Read More

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