Millennials and Gen X Shunning IRAs

Millennials and Gen X Shunning IRAs

Posted On February 16, 2012

Typically, tax season brings a flurry of interest in IRAs as a tax sheltered way of socking away a few extra bucks for retirement. This year, though, well fewer than half of Millennial and Gen X investors will contribute to IRAs compared with over 70% last year. The sharp drop…

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Millennials Looking for Training and Promotions

Posted On February 2, 2012

Millennials are looking for jobs that offer training and the chance to move up, according to new survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). “Opportunities for career progression” is the most attractive feature of a prospective employer, cited by 52% of Millennials surveyed. Salary came in second at 44% and training and education…

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Recession Formative to Millennials

Posted On February 14, 2012

Given the depth of the Great Recession and its enduring effects on the economy, it’s always seemed likely that it would be a formative experience for Millennials. Formative experiences occur in a generation’s youth and often come in the form of drastic economic and cultural upheavals. The Great Recession fits…

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RE/MAX Western Canada – Real Estate Sales Recap

Posted On February 24, 2012

Click on title above to see my recap from a recent conference in Victoria, Canada on how to appeal to different generations of home buyers.  Enjoy!

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Wonderful Overview of One of My Presentations

Posted On February 27, 2012

Wonderful overview of one of my presentations by Dave Fellman.  Check out his book at

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