Posted On September 30, 2013

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Boomers joining Millennials for the city life

Posted On September 26, 2013

Here’s an interesting new trend – Baby Boomers are beginning to settle down in the big city.  According to a report in the Seattle Times, more and more Baby Boomers are walking away from the homes and yards in the suburbs to spend their empty-nester and retirement (or semi-retirement) years in the metro bustle that had once been the playground of the fresh-from-college crowd. It makes a lot of sense – smaller spaces, less time and money on maintenance, no worries about school districts – and it creates some interesting opportunities for employers and businesses.  Besides the overall real estate… Read More

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Gen X finally gets its due

Posted On September 24, 2013

After famously getting slapped with the “slacker” label early on, Generation X may have finally had its come-uppance.  A FOXBusiness headline recently labeled Gen X “best” – yes, best. Now, to be fair, the context of the label was in determining the comfort and appropriateness of younger generations taking leadership roles and having older employees as direct reports.  In other words, Boomers are more okay with Gen X bosses than they are with Millennial ones. This makes sense from a pure “need to earn your way/pay your dues” mentality and just generally more comfortable not taking orders from someone young… Read More

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Helicopter parents are back, and they are coming to an HR office near you

Posted On September 19, 2013

I’ve posted about this phenomenon before, and talked about it with clients over the years, but still people have a hard time believing it is true.  Yes, I’m talking about parents getting all up in their grown children’s employment business.  The topic is back thanks to an article in Huffington Post Business “Millennials Now Bring Their Parents along to Job Interviews.” HuffPost is reporting out statistics that say 3% of job seekers have their parents sit in on an interview – a number that seems statistically insignificant until you realize that until a few years ago not only would the… Read More

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Millennials – already leading the way?

Posted On September 17, 2013

We know they are the largest generation since the Baby Boomers and will have a significant impact on how businesses run in the future, but are Millennials already making leadership waves despite their relatively short tenure in the traditional working world?  Recent research from Deloitte India seems to indicate so. As reported in Forbes, Deloitte India studied the work and leadership styles of Millennials in eight countries around the world.  Of the 2422 respondents, nearly half held leadership positions.  50% of Millennials are in business leadership roles?  Well, yes and no.  It all depends on how you define leadership. For… Read More

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