From Forbes: Youth in the Office – Are Your Parents Meddling In Your Career?

From Forbes: Youth in the Office – Are Your Parents Meddling In Your Career?

Posted On May 16, 2012

Good article in Forbes blog on parents getting involved with their kids job.  I had a long conversation with a client last week over this very thing and many in the audience were incredulous that something like this would be happening out there.  It is indeed and is coming to…

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Millennials Slow to Form Households

Posted On May 9, 2012

Millennials have always been slow to reach the milestones of adulthood. As more of them become adults, the age of first marriage and the age of first-time home buying has steadily crept up. Now, the recession has slowed them down even more as they struggle to find jobs and become…

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Boomers Raiding Savings to Help Parents and Kids

Posted On May 11, 2012

The savings rate among Baby Boomers has dropped dramatically since the Recession began. Instead, Boomers are using their would-be retirement savings to help out family members from generations who are having an even tougher time. According to an Ameriprise survey, the share of Boomers saving for their own retirements has…

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Boomers Still Buying Cars

Posted On May 15, 2012

The love affair between Baby Boomers and their cars has never grown cold. Boomers, the first generation with a car in the driveway for every driver in the family, continue to be automakers’ steady date. While Millennials have been relatively reluctant to embrace their own sets of wheels, carmakers have…

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Gen X Men in the Kitchen

Posted On May 17, 2012

According to a University of Michigan study that tracked over 3000 Gen Xers, Gen X men are significantly more interested in food than their counterparts in older generations. These guys can cook – they prepare about 8 meals a week on average. They also spend a significant amount of time…

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More Working Past 65, Revising Retirement Expectations

Posted On May 29, 2012

More Americans than ever are working past the age of 65, according to Labor Department statistics cited by The New York Times. As longevity and health care improves, and as the economy remains tight, more Matures, along with the leading edge of the Baby Boomers, are deciding to stay on…

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Millennials “Under-banked”

Posted On May 31, 2012

Nearly half of Millennials are “under-banked,” according to a study by Think Finance, and are choosing to use financial convenience products rather than traditional banking services. Under-banked Millennials are spread evenly across income brackets all the way up to those making relatively high salaries (for their age), up to $75K…

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