A Rigorous Right of Passage that Transforms All Who Enter

A Rigorous Right of Passage that Transforms All Who Enter

Posted On April 23, 2019

Rights of passage change people, especially difficult ones. And the Mission that young men and women participate in for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints just may be the last remaining difficult right of passage since the draft ended in the 1973. Lon Henderson went to Germany when…

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A Charismatic Personality Plus a Solid Business Plan Equals Success And Longevity

Posted On April 15, 2019

Garrett’s business is not dependent upon him. He does not have a “job.” Instead he’s created a business out of personal training, instruction on healthy living, and coaching others to success. To train at Personal Edge Fitness, candidates must have a degree in some sort of training related field, you…

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How a New Orleans music icon is still keeping it funky after five decades in the business

Posted On April 10, 2019

George Porter, Jr., has been playing music for five decades, starting out as the bassist with legendary New Orleans funk band The Meters and continuing with a number of different bands and sit-in performances with artists as diverse as Paul McCartney, David Byrne, Jimmy Buffett, Tori Amos and Patti Labelle….

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Blind faith: When the business plan is answering a call from God

Posted On April 9, 2019

Marquis Forge is the CEO of Eleven86 Water, but he says that’s just a title. It’s God, he says, who runs the company, and God who started it in the first place. Forge, our guest in a recent episode of “What’s Working With Cam Marston,” is a former walk-on football…

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George Porter Jr. has music pouring forth and is still honing his sound

Posted On April 8, 2019

When musicians speak one-on-one to George Porter, Jr., they often share that he’s a role model of theirs, he’s their inspiration for playing the bass or the drums, or even for choosing to play funky music in the first place. George is polite. He smiles and says “thank you very…

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Even the NFL is having to adjust to a millennial workforce

Posted On April 2, 2019

All kinds of businesses and industries are having to adjust to the increasing numbers of millennials in the workforce. Some are quicker to adapt than others. It’s curious that an industry with a workforce dominated by millennials would be one of those more resistant to change. But in a business…

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Marquis Forge heard the call. Obeyed. And is now selling LOTS of water.

Posted On April 1, 2019

Heeding a call from God, Marquis Forge began a bottled water company in depressed Autaugaville, Alabama. Knowing nothing about the water business, and competing with Nestle, Coca-Cola, Dannon, and all the others, he was simply obeying God’s command. And whenever questions would arise or expertise was needed, the answers would…

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