Ethics in the workplace: It’s a matter of corporate culture

Ethics in the workplace: It’s a matter of corporate culture

Posted On March 29, 2018

How often do you think about business ethics? How do you instill them in your workplace? How do you react to an ethical lapse by an employee or a co-worker? In the new episode of “What’s Working with Cam Marston,” we explore these issues with Dr. Skip Ames of the…

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Who argues over money the most? (Spoiler: It’s not the kids, and it’s not the grandparents)

Posted On March 24, 2018

They are in their prime earning years, old enough to have moved into management positions but young enough to not be staring directly at retirement just yet. And yet, perhaps moreso than any other generation, Gen-Xers are stressed about money. In a story initially published by LearnVest, Forbes contributor Julia…

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Will artificial intelligence take our jobs, or help us do them better?

Posted On March 21, 2018

What is artificial intelligence? Should you be worried about it taking your job, maybe even taking over the world? Or should we welcome it as something that will make our lives better? This episode of “What’s Working with Cam Marston” features Byron Reese, CEO and Publisher of technology research company…

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Workplace Violence Expert Jim Sporleder on “What’s Working with Cam Marston”

Posted On March 14, 2018

What would you do if there was an active shooter situation in your workplace? Despite the blanket news coverage since the murder of 17 students and teachers by a gunman at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., such situations are still rare. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t think…

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Jim Sporleder talks workplace violence – how to prevent, and how react if its inevitable.

Posted On March 14, 2018

Jim Sporleder’s background includes working with the Department of Defense as well as time as a hostage negotiator, engaging terrorists groups across the world. He takes his collection of experience and training and focuses them on a typical workplace, just like yours and mine.  Jim sums up his advice with…

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Leading Workplace and Workforce Expert Cam Marston launches radio show

Posted On March 12, 2018

After 20 years studying workplace and workforce trends, generational expert Cam Marston is taking his expertise to the airwaves and the podcast arena. In the new show, which will be broadcast via talk radio stations in the Biloxi, Pensacola, Montgomery, and Mobile markets, and via podcast on iTunes, Marston will…

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How do you find good employees?

Posted On March 9, 2018

How do you find good employees? Too many employers report this as one of their top, most enduring problems. There simply aren’t enough qualified applicants to fill the positions that need filling. And even some of those applicants who are qualified may not be suited to the demands of the…

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Boomers and millennials find common ground — on vacation

Posted On March 1, 2018

Many Baby Boomers think millennials are lazy, coddled and have entitlement issues. Many millennials find Baby Boomers out of touch, technologically illiterate and over-judgmental. Frank Sinatra or Kanye West. All in the Family or The Walking Dead. Encyclopedias and card catalogues or the internet and smartphones. These two generations can’t…

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