Posted On May 26, 2023

Some social media posts have been gettin’ to me a bit… —– The caption read “blessed.” The social media posts were of a woman surrounded by her friends wearing designer clothes. Another of her on a private plane drinking champagne with friends. And another sitting in a suite with friends at a world-famous event. Perfect hair. Perfect teeth. Blessed, it read. Blessed? Really? I think what she meant was “More blessed than you.” Or maybe she misspelled blessed and it should read “Boast.” When Christians want people to see how well they’re doing, they post a “humble brag.” I think… Read More

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ESG is here to stay, so get with the program

Posted On May 23, 2023

Do you know what ESG is? If you do, chances are you’re already looking for ways to optimize it for your company. If you don’t, you might want to get caught up. ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. It’s a measure of an organization’s emphasis on sustainability and other ethical issues. And according to Kai Gray, CEO of Motive ESG, it’s here to stay. Gray, who joined me recently on “What’s Working with Cam Marston,” says that companies – particularly publicly-traded ones – are going to have to account for ESG whether they like it or not. The government… Read More

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A Family Cake Recipe. A High School Class Trip. A Fundraiser. Now April McClung’s Pound Cakes are in Sam’s.

Posted On May 22, 2023

April McClung’s sons had a chance to travel abroad as high school students. April needed money to make it happen. A decison was made to use a family member’s old pound cake recipe to sell them at farmer’s markets. Today those cakes are sold at Sams and have been shipped across the country. Meet April, hear her amazing story, and become inspired by a woman who thought she had it all figured out until this cake recipe became a central part of her faith-driven live.  Show Sponsors: Roy Lewis Construction E3 Termite & Pest Control Trey Langus – Transworld Business… Read More

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Posted On May 19, 2023

Recap and thoughts from a client call a few week’s ago. We were discussing a problem they’re having that all of us had a hand in creating. —– “I didn’t realize it would be so hard.” That’s from a conference call with the leaders of a mid-Atlantic hospital system a few weeks back. We were talking about their young, newly minted doctors. I was putting the finishing touches on a workshop for their spring leadership conference. It seems that medical residency has gotten much easier. Less stress. Less sleepless nights. Less intensity. Less rigor. Once residency is over, the newly… Read More

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ESG is Here. It’s in the Background of Nearly Every Product You Touch. Kai Gray’s Consultancy Helps Companies Ready Themselves For It.

Posted On May 15, 2023

ESG is not something “out there” or only discussed in political environments. ESG (environmental, social, governance) is here and is shaping the way businesses interact with each other and with customers. Kai Gray and his parters run Motive ESG. They work with businesses to improve their ESG scores, thereby enabling them to compete for business with some of the nation’s defense contractors, major manufactorers, building contractors and such. Kai predicts ESG will become a filter through which the next generation invests money and even buys product at the grocery store.  Show Sponsors: Persons Services Corps E3 Termite & Pest Control Angelo… Read More

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CEO of Outokumpu discusses workplace, energy, technology challenges

Posted On May 13, 2023

As the CEO of one of the world’s largest producers of stainless steel, Heikki Malinen has a unique view of trends in the worlds of business and industry. Some of those trends he finds concerning, and at least one big technological transition he believes will be seismic. Malinen, our guest in the latest episode of “What’s Working with Cam Marston,” is the CEO of Outokumpu, which is based in Helsinki, Finland, but has facilities throughout Europe and North America, including one right up the road from me in Calvert, Alabama. The largest stainless steel producer in the Western Hemisphere, Outokumpu… Read More

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Our World Needs a Prophet Today

Posted On May 12, 2023

We need change. And someone who can bring it. —– Another mass shooting last weekend. By the time this airs, there will likely be another one or two. It’s awful that these events no longer horrify us the way they should. I hardly read the story anymore. The details are all too familiar. A young male. An assault weapon. A troubled background. A history of affiliation with hate groups. Concerns by neighbors and employers of mental instability. And, boom. I’ve warned my children: at some point in your life, you’ll experience a mass shooting. Know what to do, I’ve told… Read More

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Don’t be afraid to get personal on social media

Posted On May 10, 2023

  How do you use social media? Do you share pictures of the kids, something funny the dog did, a great meal you had? Now how do you use social media for business? Most of us feel a little uncomfortable sharing personal stuff on professional social media pages that we use for business. Domenick D’Andrea says that’s a mistake. D’Andrea, our guest in a recent episode of “What’s Working with Cam Marston,” has been a New York-based financial advisor for over two decades. But he’s seen new leads emerge since he began making a concerted effort to share more of… Read More

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Heikki Malinen is CEO of Outokumpu. $10B in Revenue and 10k Employees. He’s an Influencer in World Business.

Posted On May 8, 2023

I met Heikki Malinen at a conference in Point Clear, Alabama for his company, Outokumpu. His presentation showed a grasp of world events like none I’d seen before. He travels nearly non-stop, visiting the company’s stainless steel plants across the world. The war in Ukraine has impacted his company’s ability to get the affordable electricity he needs to power his plants in Europe. Workforce issues are a challenge to his facilities across Europe and the US. His challenges are familiar to listeners of What’s Working, but the scale is much different. You’ll find in Heikki, as is so often the… Read More

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Jazz Fest Recap

Posted On May 5, 2023

Lots of sights and sounds at New Orleans Jazz Fest. —– My wife, a college friend and I stood amidst the peace and quiet of Jazz Fest in New Orleans last weekend along with what must have been 100,000 of our closest friends. It was a sight. When my wife and I told our friends we were going, they reacted the same was as when I told them we were going to Mexico for spring break – “Oh no,” they said. “That’s dangerous over there. You’re going to get shot.” During my thirty-six hours in New Orleans, I never once… Read More

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