Boomers leaving the workforce, but not backing down as consumers

Boomers leaving the workforce, but not backing down as consumers

Posted On May 30, 2013

You have to appreciate the irony of a totally younger generation communication tool being used to explain an older generation.  Check out this info graphic/comic  that attempts to convince advertisers and businesses that their traditional target demographics are not aligned with the actual buying power in the country today. There are so many things I love about this.  As I mentioned, an info graphic is such a Gen X and Millennial way of looking at things – content may be king, but only if it is entertaining!  And yet the comic styling is classic Boomer.  It really is brilliant piece. … Read More

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Despite warnings, many businesses still not ready for changing of the guard

Posted On May 28, 2013

Secession planning is an important part of any organization’s business strategy, and the onslaught of Baby Boomers entering retirement has been woven into news reports for several years now.  So why did a recent study by executive search firm Odgers Berndston find that nearly 60% of executives surveyed were unprepared for the change? Turns out they may be ignoring the cultural differences among the generations. That is, while they’ve identified who is leaving and are dutifully transferring business knowledge down the line, they may not be looking at the more subtle – but significant – differences in how each generation… Read More

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The more things change…

Posted On May 23, 2013

In June 1997, TIME magazine ran a cover story about Generation X – “Great Expectations of So-Called Slackers” where they attempted to enlighten Boomers and Matures about the benefits of Xers in the workplace and the world in general.  The discussions that piece sparked with clients, colleagues and peers were the impetus for what is now Generational Insights. This week the folks at TIME are at it again with their cover story “The Me Me Me Generation” and its companion piece “Millennials: The Next Greatest Generation.” On the one hand, this feels a little like seeing dock siders and day-glow… Read More

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Are cynical Xers wearing rose-colored glasses?

Posted On May 21, 2013

Just last week we were talking about how 50% of Gen Xers are confident in their retirement savings. Today, we’re hearing that the confidence may not match up with the bank accounts. The Associated Press reported on the findings of a recent Pew study of the retirement readiness of Boomers and Gen Xers.  While retirees are advised to have enough savings to replace 70% of their income, Gen Xers are on track to replace only 50%.  The report seems to point to the timing of major economic events during the Gen X lifetime – where Boomers largely benefited from the… Read More

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Gen X’ers Finally Coming of Age?

Posted On May 16, 2013

It’s taken a good long while, but it seems Generation X is finally starting to settle down and act its age.  At least according to a new study conducted by the MetLife Mature Market Institute. The findings indicate that Gen Xers are now as “affluent, stable and responsibility-ridden as their parents were at the same age” as reported by the MediaPost News. The first generation to show signs of delayed adulthood, Generation X is now more typical than ever before.  Or are they? It would be easy to read a report like this and assume that Gen Xers are becoming… Read More

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Social Media, Etiquette, and Common Sense

Posted On May 14, 2013

When I was growing up a popular show on PBS had a song that teased “one of these things is not like the others, one of these things just isn’t the same.”  It’s becoming clear that etiquette, common sense and social media just do not belong in the same sentence and it is affecting the one of the most etiquette-focused areas of the business world: the job interview. Yes, the “I can’t believe somebody actually did that” HR files include job candidates who have texted or accepted cell phone calls while in an interview, according to this story from USA… Read More

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The Natural Consequence of Natural Consequences

Posted On May 9, 2013

So here’s an interesting one – at least from my perspective as a parent and as a speaker on generational topics.  For 15 years I’ve been working with largely Boomer business leaders who are exasperated with the way younger generations behave in the business world.  Time and again, I’ve considered – and occasionally pondered aloud – that the employees who don’t want to pay their dues and expect to be praised for showing up on time were raised with participation trophies and an “as long as you’re happy” mantra by the very people (collectively) who are now their employers and… Read More

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Younger Generations Demand a New Experience at Events

Posted On May 7, 2013

While tradeshow and event managers pride themselves on creativity, the basic structure and components of special events have been somewhat tried and true.  A recent report by Amsterdam RAI demonstrates why savvy companies are smart to look at events and event marketing with a whole new light.  Changing demographics = changing demands, and the younger generations have explicit expectations for how they wish to be engaged.  According to the report, Millennials crave engagement and Generation X continues to be skeptical. This corroborates the experiences of many professional association clients that have expressed frustration with younger generations not attending their flagship… Read More

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