Stand and deliver is still in demand. And will be forever.

Stand and deliver is still in demand. And will be forever.

Posted On March 29, 2017

Many names have been coined for millennials – most of which are unflattering – but one that may come closer to hitting the mark than most is the Emoji Generation. With more and more communication being done on screens small enough to fit into a pants pocket, this has become the age of speaking with pictures and acronyms instead of words. Instead of offering a completely formed sentence or phrase with proper grammar and punctuation, it’s now the norm to use abbreviations like idk and omg, emojis and shorthand slang that lends itself to expressing thoughts in hastily typed texts… Read More

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Grandparents here, there, and everywhere.

Posted On March 24, 2017

During his stand-up routine in the Spike Lee movie, “The Kings of Comedy,” the late comedian Bernie Mac had a memorable bit bemoaning the disappearance of grandmothers. He wasn’t necessarily talking about grandmothers in the literal sense, but grandmothers as he knew them growing up – old ladies who had no patience for foolishness and no qualms about yanking an unruly youngster in line. “Big Mama’s gone,” Mac said. “What’s Big Mama now, 36?” Are grandparents really getting younger? According to the Wall Street Journal, not so much. With nearly one in seven children in the U.S. now being born… Read More

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After taking it on the chin for housing, Gen X finding it may be their turn

Posted On March 21, 2017

There’s a lot of attention paid to millennials in the marketplace, and with good reason – they’re the largest segment of consumers. That’s true for the housing market, as well, as the 18-to-34 demographic makes up 42 percent of residential home buyers, as pointed out by’s Jennifer Riner in a piece we shared several months ago. But Generation X is still an extremely important part of the real estate market. With a range from mid-30s to mid-50s, many younger Gen-Xers may still be looking to move up to a larger home as their families expand, while those Gen-Xers at… Read More

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Posted On March 9, 2017 Click above to listen to my interview on Entrepreneurial Wealth Manager’s podcast. Was proud to have been asked to be a part of it.    

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Diamonds are for…others?

Posted On March 6, 2017

They love me, they love me not. Can a generation that values new experiences and social awareness be counted upon to continue a tradition of extravagance in the name of love? That may depend on which report you pluck from the internet, but with a bottom line uniquely tied to a demographic that’s of the prime age for engagements and weddings, the future of the diamond industry may rest upon the answer. A recent article in The Economist contends that it’s an industry in decline. While cheaper alternatives are increasing in quality, increased regulation and market forces are driving the… Read More

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