Troy Whetstone, CEO of The Modern House Coffee Shop, was called, obeyed, and now serves the homeless via nonprofit social entrepreneurship.

Troy Whetstone, CEO of The Modern House Coffee Shop, was called, obeyed, and now serves the homeless via nonprofit social entrepreneurship.

Posted On December 26, 2022

Troy knew nothing of coffee when he heard a call from the Lord, obeyed, and now serves the homeless in Birmingham through his Modern House Coffee Shop ( He employs them at the coffee shop and the profits go to support the homeless in the area. Troy is another example of someone who was guided by a higher power and is finding success much easier now that he’s doing was he was told to do. His growth plans include roasting his own coffee in the very near future. Troy is motived, is motivational, and is a great story for the… Read More

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Exploring trends in wine with Jim Cox of Southern Napa

Posted On December 17, 2022

  Christmas is a nice time to enjoy a glass of wine by the fire, and when the weather turns colder that wine is more likely to be red. Jim Cox of Southern Napa Fine Wine House, our guest in the latest episode of “What’s Working with Cam Marston,” says the demand for red wines rises when the temperature drops. “As soon as you get a hint of cool weather, people just switch from drinking white wine, drinking rosè, drinking sauvignon blanc, and they come in and they want reds,” Cox said. “They want that change-of-season feeling.” Cox, who co-owns… Read More

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No More Ketchup

Posted On December 16, 2022

One condiment in particular kept my kids alive. ———— There’s no ketchup in my house right now. I made burgers for the family Sunday night and we had no ketchup. This may sound trivial but it’s an extraordinary landmark in our family’s life. When my kids were much younger, my wife and I relied on frozen chicken nuggets about five nights a week to feed the kids. Our four kids are two years apart with the last two being twins. Imagine dinner time with a six-year-old, a four-year-old, and two-year-old twins. It was pandemonium. We’d pop a cookie sheet full… Read More

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Jim Cox of Southern Napa Wine and I Chat Up this Year’s Wine Trends of the Holiday Season

Posted On December 12, 2022

Jim Cox is a regular visitor to the show this time of year, bringing wine for us to tase (not drink, it’s a subtle but real difference) and discuss. He and his wife own Southern Napa Wine Store in Daphne, Alabama. Jim and I discuss the new popular wines that have emerged over the year (sauvignon blanc) and the soaring prices of Napa cabernets as well as some new “mocktail” mixes that are actually verty tasty – good news for the designated drivers and teetotalers. Jim is always a fun and loquacious guest. This is another of my favorite guests… Read More

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For Gabriella Saab, writing is as much about process as inspiration

Posted On December 12, 2022

One might think of writers as creatures of impulse who work in fits of inspiration, waiting for the muse to lead them. Our guest in a recent episode of “What’s Working with Cam Marston” flies against that image. Gabriella Saab writes historical fiction, a genre that requires a copious amount of research, and she has become very deliberate in how she goes about it. Saab’s first novel, “The Last Checkmate,” was quite successful and is now available in 15 countries. But as she began to work on her next novel, “Daughters of Victory,” she decided she needed a new approach…. Read More

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Posted On December 9, 2022

It just feels like everyone’s hand is out, asking for more for simply doing what they were asked to do.  ——————— It was a convenience store. Just like all the convenience stores you’ve seen. I grabbed a drink from the refrigerator, walked to the counter and handed the drink to the guy at the register. He scanned the bar code, I give him my card, he processed the card and handed me the receipt to sign. And there it was, big as day – a line for me to add a tip. A tip. For buying a drink at a… Read More

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Gabriella Saab Continues Gaining National Attention as a Historical Fiction Author

Posted On December 5, 2022

Gabriella Saab knocked my socks off with her first book, The Last Checkmate. It was fantastic. Her second book arrives mid-January called Daughters of Victory. Another historical fiction novel, this one is set during the Bolshevik revoltuion and travels in time through to the Nazi occupation of the Soviet Union. The books are meticulously researched and Gabriella will always feature a female protagonist. I catch up with her as a part of my December reconnects with previous guests. Buy The Last Checkmate.  Show Sponsors: Alabama Center for Real Estate (ACRE) – Presenting Sponsor Get The Tea Roy Lewis Construction Persons… Read More

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It’s Going Around

Posted On December 2, 2022

Nearly the whole house is suffering.  ————- A slew of fall and winter maladies has infiltrated our home. ‘Tis the season after all. I sat in the emergency room with my favorite oldest daughter early last Wednesday morning as she suffered with what we think were cluster headaches. Right now, my favorite youngest daughter is home from school, in bed with a stomach bug and my favorite oldest son just walked back inside after dropping his brother off at school. He felt bad when he woke up, but his head began pounding when he got active, he returned home, and… Read More

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How do you make better bacon? For Bill-E Stitt, music helps

Posted On December 1, 2022

Make a better product and you can prove a lot of people wrong. People told Bill-E Stitt he wouldn’t be able to sell his small-batch bacon because its packaging didn’t include a window where customers could see the meat. He didn’t listen. Now he’s shipping it all over the world and it’s being used by championship chefs in prestigious cooking competitions like the World Food Championships. The last time we spoke with Stitt on “What’s Working with Cam Marston” a couple years ago, he was selling 1,200 to 1,500 pounds of bacon a week. Now it’s up to 3,000. He’s… Read More

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