A picture is worth a thousand words. And then some.

A picture is worth a thousand words. And then some.

Posted On July 25, 2013

This is terrific. Also bordering on narcissistic and indulgent, but mostly terrific. If you aren’t tempted to click the link just because I said it’s terrific, here’s a preview. The link takes you to CNN where a young Gen X editorial cartoonist (and Pulitzer-prize finalist) takes on the Millennial-bashing and…

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Don’t forget about the Boomers – financial advisor needs continue to grow

Posted On July 23, 2013

I work with a good deal of financial advisory firms, many of which are grappling with how to attract and engage younger investors to maintain a strong continuity of client base. And while this is increasingly important, it is also worth noting that the financial advisory needs of the Baby…

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Want to know why Gen Xers are so cranky? Read on.

Posted On July 18, 2013

While the Millennial generation has gotten quite a bit of negative press lately (narcissistic keeps coming up) they are certainly not alone. Xers have been hearing it for years. In fact, according to a recent MSN Money piece, this constant pressure is just one of 10 things that are keeping…

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Study warns Gen Xers frustrated with traditional corporate roles

Posted On July 16, 2013

Gen Xers have long been jaded with the traditional corporate structure – hierarchies don’t sit well with this group that gives respect via personal interactions rather than at the command of an org chart. Still, the corporate world has its perks and Gen Xers were known to negotiate for them…

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MarketWatch offers “10 things Generation Y won’t tell you”

Posted On July 11, 2013

The Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch had a piece recently that spells out the ups and downs of the Millennial generation fairly well. A quick summary of the “10 things” referenced in the title: Don’t like us? Blame our parents. Never mind Occupy Wall Street. We want to be the 1%….

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Marketer recognizes connection between oldest and youngest generations in the workplace

Posted On July 9, 2013

I’ve long recommended that employees connect younger employees with the elder statesmen (and women) of the company – either in addition to or instead of the traditional “next level up” mentor system. From a generational perspective, it seems that this youngest generation in the workforce has a sense of idealism…

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Gen X employees caught in the middle – financially stressed out

Posted On July 4, 2013

Gen Xers are currently in their mid 30s to early 50s and they are feeling the pinch of dual responsibilities. Many are faced with funding college educations while simultaneously supporting elderly parents who may not have the retirement savings to support longer lives and growing health care costs. According to…

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What makes a good work environment for Baby Boomers? Ask the NIH

Posted On July 2, 2013

A lot of HR time is spent figuring out how to attract the best and brightest young talent – what are the perks and expectations that can bring the next workforce stars to your business?  The AARP, however, wanted to know who was doing a good job attracting the bright,…

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