Bowden Sarrett – Travel Agencies Remain Alive and Well and Worth Their Weight in Gold

Bowden Sarrett – Travel Agencies Remain Alive and Well and Worth Their Weight in Gold

Posted On October 28, 2019

The internet has not destroyed travel agencies. In fact, the internet has given travelers so much information, so many choices, that many travelers want someone to hand craft their vacation for them. Bowden Sarrett and her team at Brownell Travel will do just that. Their exclusive process called Discover More…

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Bill Kraus of Page & Jones: Moving Product Across Borders Across the World

Posted On October 21, 2019

Bill Kraus knows the intricate details of moving product across borders all over the world. His clients hire his company to make sending and receiving product easy. Customs can be tricky and very detailed and Page & Jones’ clients leave this responsibility to Page & Jones to manage for them….

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Eleven86 Water – Another Conversation with the Incredible Marquis Forge

Posted On October 21, 2019

Marquis Forge captured our attention when we last spoke in April. Since then the water company he runs continues growth at a break-neck pace with new distribution in Alabama and now in Houston, Texas in one of state’s largest grocery store chains. His humble and matter of fact approach to…

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A few good reasons not to forget about Generation X

Posted On October 17, 2019

Stuck between the once-mighty Baby Boomers and the front-running millennials, Generation X is often considered the Forgotten Generation. Earlier this year, however, they went from just being considered forgotten to actually being forgotten: Smells like Disrespect. But thankfully not everyone has forgotten about us. recently compiled a list of…

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What we’re blaming millennials for this week: saving too much

Posted On October 10, 2019

They’re entitled, we said. Self-absorbed. The products of participation trophy culture. But now millennials are frugal? Citing research from Raymond James, noted that millennials might be to blame for slower economic growth. Raymond James analyst Travis McCourt cited the rise of the U.S. personal savings rate — 8.1 percent…

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The Spirit of Radio: Content is still king in the digital age

Posted On October 9, 2019

What does it take to run a successful radio station in the digital age? Even with a wealth of technological advances and a growing variety of platforms, one successful local station owner says the answer is the same it’s always been: Content is king. I like to think our content…

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Keeping It Real: A simple question: “Is that what you’re wearing?” Answer: “Basspole.” Or something like that.

Posted On October 8, 2019

You can now find my Keeping It Real commentaries via your favorite podcast app. Search for Keeping It Real with Cam Marston. Or tune in to Alabama Public Radio Fridays at 7:45am or 4:45pm. Today’s episode – A seemingly simple question that gets an odd reply.

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Sean Sullivan’s Motivation: Get It Right for His Listeners

Posted On October 7, 2019

When Sean Sullivan took over 106.5FM in 2007, the economy was in terrible shape. Sean saw an opportunity to build a radio station that served listeners of southwest Alabama in a way no other talk station was doing at the time. Today, due largely to Sean’s and his team’s tireless…

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A ministry of hope: helping the marginalized find their way into the workforce

Posted On October 4, 2019

When many of us see panhandlers “flying signs” alongside the road, we only see someone looking for a handout. Matt Armbruster sees people who need someone to believe in them. Armbruster, our guest in the latest episode of “What’s Working With Cam Marston,” operates Ransom Ministries, which teaches life and…

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Keeping a funky beat takes more than talent, it takes hard work and perseverance

Posted On October 2, 2019

What’s more important to success? Talent? Or hard work? Obviously, that may depend on what you’re trying to be successful doing. For a musician like Stanton Moore, drummer for the New Orleans funk band Galactic, we might assume that talent would be king, that how far he is able to…

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