Mirror Mirror On the Wall, Who Snacks Most of All?

Mirror Mirror On the Wall, Who Snacks Most of All?

Posted On June 27, 2017

“Which Generation Snacks the Most?” the headline reads at TheStreet.com. And then, as if anticipating our answer, it adds: “It’s not millennials.” How can it not be millennials? They’re the ones playing all the video games and Snapchatting on their iPhones. How do you spend all that time doing such things without a bag of Dorito’s on the couch beside you? But according to TheStreet, it’s neither millennials nor iGen, who will be right there on the couch beside them if there are enough Xbox controllers, that snacks the most. It’s Baby Boomers. TheStreet last year cited research from the… Read More

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Your news source? Likely convenient, biased, and personality driven.

Posted On June 22, 2017

When’s the last time you read a newspaper? I don’t mean an internet news source, or even a website run by a newspaper. I’m talking about an actual ink-and-paper newspaper – one you can use to line your birdcage or wrap fish after you’re finished with it. If you can’t remember, you’re not alone. Aside from a brief respite in 2013, newspaper readership has been steadily declining year-over-year for over a decade.  The drop-off is particularly acute among the younger generations. According to the Pew Research Center, less than 20 percent of Americans ages 18 to 34 read daily newspapers… Read More

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iGen wants, more than anything, to be unique.

Posted On June 12, 2017

We’re all concerned about finding out what millennials want, and with good reason. They are the largest segment of the workforce and the largest segment of consumers. But it would also be wise to have an eye focused on what’s coming behind them. Some call them Generation Z, or iGen, while Skyler Huff of millennialmarketing.com calls today’s teenagers the Pivotal Generation. They share the technological savvy and many of the forward-thinking views of millennials, Huff says, but they also pivot toward many of the same traditional values as Baby Boomers. Generation Z – or Pivotals, if you will – want… Read More

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Faster Food? Medium-Fast Food? Or Plain Ole Fast Food?

Posted On June 8, 2017

In this week’s edition of “Pick Your Poll,” the show whose answers depend on who we ask, our topic is: Are millennials killing chain restaurants or flocking to them? Behind Door No. 1 we have Business Insider, who this month blamed slumping sales figures at chains such as Applebee’s, TGI Friday’s and Ruby Tuesday’s on millennials. Behind Door No. 2 is a headline from NBC News that reads: “Why Millennials Are Hooked on Chain Restaurants.” Door No. 3? Confusion. A closer look at both stories, however, reveals that they’re not necessarily at odds with each other. What’s being “killed” by… Read More

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Is it Stuff? Or Heirlooms? Not sure…

Posted On June 2, 2017

Gen-Xers and millennials have things easier than our Baby Boomer parents and grandparents in so many ways. We have grown up with technology and are comfortable with it. We’ve had advances in medicine that have made us healthier. We pay our bills online, buy our groceries with a piece of plastic and carry portable computers in our pockets, a world of information just a click away. One thing that has become more difficult over the years, however, is deciding what to do with our parents’ possessions when they pass away. While treasured heirlooms such as china, silver and antiques have… Read More

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