Getting creative: How to know when you need outside help

Getting creative: How to know when you need outside help

Posted On May 23, 2018

What is creativity? The answer to that question will be different depending upon who you ask. But to Rich Sullivan, CEO of Red Square Agency in Mobile, it’s really quite simple. “Really, creativity to me is the ability to adapt,” Sullivan says, “the ability to take what’s happened — facts and experiences and trends that you can draw a backwards line on — and be able to look what’s going to happen and predict something or literally influence what the future is.” Influencing the future is what Sullivan’s clients would like him to do – particularly, influencing their future sales…. Read More

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When does your business need a fire of creative effort lit underneath it?

Posted On May 23, 2018

Rich Sullivan runs Red Square Agency and talks with us on how to determine if your business needs an infusion of creative juices to get it going again. Check out this episode!

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Setting up a Self-Directed IRA? You Really Need to Know These 5 Things

Posted On May 23, 2018

One of the pieces of research we cite the most is the lack of Baby Boomer retirement savings, especially in the younger half of the Boomers. This lack of savings has many implications from their longevity in the workplace to Gen X’s inability to get promoted.  Today I’m posting a guest blog from Rick Pendykoski about a self-directed IRA – a type of retirement savings tool. If you’re a Boomer and haven’t begun retirement savings, maybe this is the right one for you. -Cam If you are setting up a self-directed IRA to expand your financial portfolio beyond stocks and bonds,… Read More

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From classic movies to Chick-fil-A: Millennial reaction videos reach critical mass

Posted On May 19, 2018

Just when you thought there wasn’t anything else that millennials could try while their reactions are filmed for a cheesy video, Business Insider has found a new one: Chick-fil-A. That’s right: Somewhere in this country are 10 millennials who apparently had never tried Chick-fil-A until Business Insider stuck a camera in their faces and shoved a chicken sandwich in front of them. One said she grew up in Europe. One was from Montana. One was a former vegetarian. One just said “the lines are always really long.” This worn-out trope has come in many forms, perhaps the best of which… Read More

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Tinkering with your swing: What can a leadership coach do for you?

Posted On May 17, 2018

Do you need a leadership consultant? Does anyone? Some businesses must find their services useful – there are millions of them across the country. But how do you know if you need one? What can they do for your business? And how do you know which one to turn to for help? In this week’s episode of “What’s Working with Cam Marston,”I pose these questions to Hal Adler of Leadership Landing, who has worked with senior leadership teams of some of the most successful companies in the world. What are those companies seeking when they hire a consultant? These are… Read More

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Are leadership coaches worth their weight? Hal Adler has some opinions on that…

Posted On May 16, 2018

Hal Adler has consulted some of the nation’s largest brands on leadership coaching. My question to Hal: Are leadership coaches bona fide or snake oil salesman? And how should I select one for myself if I feel I need one? Check out this episode!

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Pop the bubble: the value of inclusive decision-making

Posted On May 14, 2018

In my last “What’s Working with Cam Marston” episode, we looked at the value of reverse mentoring. Forbes contributor Erik Larson goes one step further, however: For the best chance at desired results, younger employees need to be part of the decision-making process. A study by Larson’s company, Cloverpop, found that inclusive teams arrive at better decisions — and make them faster — than individual decision-makers. Furthermore, the study found that teams of younger members outperformed older teams by 40 percent in reaching decisions that led to positive outcomes. What’s more, teams that included members of a wide range of… Read More

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‘This is not the Army:’ Why reverse mentoring can be beneficial for your business

Posted On May 10, 2018

What can we learn from millennials? The best flavor Frappuccino at Starbucks? What all the emojis mean? The appeal of a standing desk? Actually, at least one 60-something CEO believes there’s a lot more we can learn from millennials. That’s why he’s accepted one as a mentor. Mark Tibergien, CEO of Pershing Advisor Solutions, says reverse mentoring – younger employees mentoring their older peers — isn’t just a retention tool for hiring and keeping talented millennials. He and his millennial mentor, Pershing VP of Business Development Kayla Flaten, share how it has been a beneficial tool for both of them… Read More

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Reverse Mentoring: Bona fide or a smoke and mirrors Millennial retention ploy?

Posted On May 9, 2018

Mark Tibergien and Kayla Flaten work at BNY Mellon / Pershing. Mark is a Baby Boomer. In the financial advisor world he’s a consultant to the stars. Kayla Flaten is a Millennial. And Kayla mentors Mark. Yep. Read it again. The Millennial mentors the Boomer. Is it an honest arrangement or is it some sort of Band-Aide Millennial retention ploy? Hint: You’ll be surprised. Find out… Check out this episode!

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Melanie Miller educates on the #MeToo movement – What all of us need to know about sexual harassment

Posted On May 2, 2018

Melanie Miller is a diversity and inclusion trainer of national repute and brings this volatile and pertinent topic to bear in a simple and clear way. And she directs us on how to make sure we don’t mistakenly commit a mistake doing something that is considered wrong today. Check out this episode!

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