StoryBrand is a Simple and Compelling Sales Tool. Stephanie Greenwood Introduces It to Me.

StoryBrand is a Simple and Compelling Sales Tool. Stephanie Greenwood Introduces It to Me.

Posted On July 22, 2024

Who is the hero of your business? Too often, it’s you. It SHOULD be the customer. Stephanie Greenwood is a StoryBrand consultant and explains it all so simply to me. She’s with IMMIX Strategic and walks me through the process. The customer is the hero. You – the business – are a guide that helps the hero overcome their problem. You bring them to solutions and help them avoid disaster. It’s so simple. And yet we botch it again and again.  Show Sponsors: E3 Termite & Pest Control Roy Lewis Construction Allison Horner – State Farm Agent Angelo DePaola –… Read More

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Brandon Smith & Wills Moore – Author v Editor Book Review

Posted On July 15, 2024

Leadership consultant and author Brandon Smith has written a book that I’ve had referenced to me too many times in the past weeks to simply ignore. Called Author vs Editor Dilemma, the book is a management and leadership guide with simple plans for turning your employees into a more highly productive team. It’s a simple concept – as the leader, too often you’re an author, telling people what to do. You need to edit – guide their behavior and leave them to take initiative. On with Brandon and me is Wills Moore. Wills is an executive coach and uses the… Read More

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Beware The Reformed

Posted On July 12, 2024

This week on Keepin’ It Real, Cam gets a flashback memory to one of the low points of his early adulthood and why he should hold on to that memory to keep himself in check. —– I listen to my commentaries from time to time and I can sound quite self-righteous. A bit “holier than thou.” And I don’t much care for it. Perhaps you’re familiar with the expression “beware the reformed.” It means those that have returned from the brink of some excess tend to be evangelizers of their new ways. They’re the alcoholics, for example, who insufferably rail… Read More

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One-Third of the Nation’s GDP is Moved Across the US’s Inland Waterways. That’s a LOT!

Posted On July 8, 2024

Cline Jones spent time as a boy watching the locks and dams near his home take and receive tow-boats on the river. The attraction of the work was deep and he signed up to be a part of that industry. Today he’s the Executive Director of the Tennessee River Valley Association and the Tennessee-Cumberland Waterways Council. He knows the numbers: the 12,000 miles of waterways transport 1/3 of the nation’s GDP; 541,000 jobs come from the inland waterways; 15 barges equals 1000+ 18 wheelers or 216 train cars. There are 219 locks operating today.  And it’s the locks and dams… Read More

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Are we about to see a ‘ticking debt time bomb’ go off?

Posted On July 7, 2024

Most of us who have had to manage our own finances for any amount of time know by now that carrying and building debt over a long period of time is generally not a good thing. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that our government has ever learned this lesson. It has continued to build debt, through both Republican and Democratic administrations, and economist Connor Lokar believes those chickens will soon be coming home to roost. Lokar, our guest in the latest episode of “What’s Working with Cam Marston,” says he and his group, ITR Economics, believe we should start to see… Read More

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Posted On July 5, 2024

On this week’s Keepin’ it Real, Cam Marston wonders if we prefer entertainment to anything of substance. And frets over the consequences. —– I hope everyone had a nice July Fourth holiday. On July 4th, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was officially adopted and signed. It has proven to be one of the most influential documents in world history, generating demands for independence and self-rule across the world. Eleven years later, in 1787, the US Constitution was created and was then ratified about a year later. The energy and enthusiasm and aspirations of these two documents propelled a new nation… Read More

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Yowza! Economist Connor Lokar Reads the Economic Tea Leaves.

Posted On July 1, 2024

Economist Connor Lokar says it’s goign to get worse before it gets better. Then it’s going to get much worse. Connor is with ITR Economics. He and his firm work with businesses to help them prepare for economic change. Avowedly apolitical, Connor and his team only say the November election is unlikely to change our economy in any meaningful way, regardless of who wins the presidential election. To get a good read on the economy you need to know government spending, demographics, imports and exports, and a dozen other numbers. Connor knows his stuff, and you’ll want to hear what… Read More

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