Many Baby Boomers starting businesses instead of retiring to rockers

Many Baby Boomers starting businesses instead of retiring to rockers

Posted On July 30, 2018

As millennials take over the workforce and Generation X moves into management, Baby Boomers are ready to slide off into retirement. But what if they don’t? Citing a 2018 small business trends surveyby Guidant Financial, Forbes noted in a recent piecethat instead of retiring, many Baby Boomers are doubling down. While Guidant’s parameters for the Baby Boom generation were a little wide, its survey found that more than half of the country’s small business owners are over 50. And these aren’t just Boomers who have been running their own show for a long time. A 2017 USA Today article notedthat… Read More

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Tips for the Gen X manager: Get out there and communicate

Posted On July 24, 2018

For years, meetings were the bane of a Generation X employee’s existence. What a time suck, they thought. What a colossal waste — time spent yapping and staring at each other that would be better spent working. When I’m running things, they told themselves, we aren’t doing this anymore. Well, now they are running things. And true to their word, many of them did away with meetings altogether. Our guest in this episode of “What’s Working with Cam Marston” is Stephanie Constantine, an HR consultant in my hometown of Mobile who tells us why that plan isn’t working – and… Read More

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The Gen X Manager – A challenge across all generations.

Posted On July 18, 2018

Lots of folks struggle with their leadership style. Stephanie Constantine is an HR consultant who has worked with Gen X managers to coach them to be better leaders. Check out this episode!

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Lifeguarding isn’t just for the young anymore

Posted On July 13, 2018

They were the cool kids, the kids we aspired to be. They sat atop their chair, with their mirrored sunglasses and tan skin, twirling a whistle around their finger and reminding us, once again, to stop running and stop hanging on the rope by the diving well. One day, we told ourselves, we’ll be lifeguards too. But a funny thing happened on the way to the pool for today’s generation of would-be lifeguards. According to the Washington Post, you might be just as likely to see a Baby Boomer sitting atop the chair at your neighborhood pool this summer as… Read More

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Perks created to attract employees today could become standard tomorrow

Posted On July 11, 2018

Phil Smoker finds himself in a unique situation these days. The fifth generation to build Smoker Craft boats, Smoker has seen his company average about 20 percent growth since rebounding from the recession in 2010. He’s had to hire a lot of people to keep up with that growth. And now for the unique part: His company is located in Elkhart County, Indiana, where about half of all the RVs in the country are built. The unemployment level in Elkhart County is 2.4 percent – just under half the national rate. So Smoker, whose company builds several different brands of… Read More

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Thriving in just over 2 percent unemployment: Elkhart County, Indiana is your future

Posted On July 11, 2018

Elkhart County, Indiana is making the news today because of its exceptionally low unemployment rate. Employers there are having to innovate to find and keep employees who can take their pick of jobs. Phil Smoker’s family company, Smoker Craft Boats, continues to learn how to attract and re-attract talent from workplace environment, to benefits, to wages, to adding smoking areas (you read that right.) Check out this episode!

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Growing too fast or not growing at all: the questions CEOs should ask themselves

Posted On July 7, 2018

What does a CEO need to focus on if his or her company is stagnant and starting to lose business to competitors? What about the CEO of a company that is growing so fast it can’t hire fast enough? While these two situations are wildly different – even opposite – the questions they need to be asking themselves are largely the same. Our guest in this week’s episode of “What’s Working with Cam Marston” is Gary Frey of Insight CXO, a Charlotte-based firm that provides coaching for CEOs of mid-market companies looking to manage their growth or maintain their foothold… Read More

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Gary Frey teaches companies and its people to align, focus, and execute.

Posted On July 5, 2018

Gary Frey preaches the “breakaway” move – a move that every company can make that quickly distinguishes them amongst their competitors. He teaches leaders to focus on where the next challenge will be and who is doing business with who you want to do business with. Insightful content and, frankly, very exciting. Check out this episode!

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