Millennials: The Movie

Millennials: The Movie

Posted On April 23, 2012

Marketers and advertisers have all the reading material on Millennials they could ever want, in the form of books, surveys, and market research. Now, a new unit of NBCUniversal called Curve Films has produced a film that documents Millennials’ outlook and position in the marketplace. The film, “Y Now,” is…

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Boomer Brain Drain

Posted On April 17, 2012

The retirement, or pending retirement, of thousands of Baby Boomers a day (10,000 turn 65 each day for the next couple of decades) is leaving employers with some difficult holes to fill. While there might be plenty of applicants for new job openings, the experience and job skills that Boomers…

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Two Generations in One, Part 2?

Posted On April 12, 2012

As we’ve noted here before, it often makes sense to treat Baby Boomers as two generations in one. The Early Boomers and the Late Boomers (aka Generation Jones) differ in some experiences and values. Now, some new market research suggests that Millennials may also be divided into two subgroups based…

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Millennial Diversity

Posted On April 26, 2012

Millennials share a few common characteristics but can’t all be lumped together and stereotyped, according to study by the Boston Consulting Group. “The Millennial Consumer: Debunking Stereotypes” is based on a survey of 4,000 Millennials and 1,000 from older generations. The study found a few shared traits, most notably an…

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Generational Spending

Posted On April 3, 2012

Millennials have had less disposable income in their 20s and 30s than the Boomers and Xers before them did, according to an analysis by AdAge. According to figures derived from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, both Millennials and Xers have spent more on housing, health care, and education when between…

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