Entitled generation? If so, millennials aren’t the first.

Entitled generation? If so, millennials aren’t the first.

Posted On October 30, 2017

I have written many times in this space that millennials are not unique in being looked down upon as a generation by their elders. They’ve been labeled as entitled, lazy, self-absorbed. Their grandparents didn’t think much differently about their parents back in the day. Now bbc.com has been so kind…

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Here’s looking at you, kid: Millennials shun classic films

Posted On October 19, 2017

Frankly my dear, millennials don’t give a damn. Not about classic movies, anyway. The New York Post recently cited an FYE.com survey that found that less than 25 percent of millennials surveyed had watched a movie from the 1940s or ‘50s from start to finish. Thirty percent said they’d never…

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I Don’t Want to Grow Up, I’m an iGen Kid

Posted On October 6, 2017

So it appears today’s teens are doing less. According to various studies and surveys, fewer of them are driving or working part-time jobs. Are they just lazy? Fewer of them are drinking, having sex or getting pregnant. Are they more responsible than previous generations at that age? In a recent…

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The good, the bad, and the … stay tuned!

Posted On October 2, 2017

This week the Federal Reserve released the 2016 Survey of Consumer Finances (SCF).  The SCF is one of the largest (over 6,000 households were interviewed for the 2016 survey), comprehensive and representative surveys to track patterns of household spending, income, wealth and investment.  Conducted every three years since 1989, the…

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