Digital Branding for Millennials

Digital Branding for Millennials

Posted On August 3, 2011

Marketers and businesses trying to reach Millennials know by now that the generation they seek lives in a digital world. If you want to be noticed by Millennials, you must reach them where they are: online, social networks, email, instant messaging, etc. However, connecting with Millennials on their turf has…

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For Gen X Women, 40 Is The New Sweet 16

Posted On August 5, 2011

In previous generations, many women may have preferred to let their 40th birthday pass quietly and without notice, perhaps so as to claim to be 39 indefinitely. Not so with Generation X. Gen X women are celebrating their 40th with sweet 16-style parties, resort vacations, and spa days, announcing that…

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Millennials Downsizing their Dreams

Posted On August 18, 2011

Millennials, already prone to delay milestones like careers and marriage, are putting them off even further as pessimism about their economic outlook causes them to downsize their expectations. A recent Los Angeles Times analysis of recent surveys depicts a “Generation Vexed” who, in their words, now plan to “take smaller steps” and…

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No Echo for the Echo Boom

Posted On August 22, 2011

Millennials were first known as the “Echo Boom” because they were an echo of the Baby Boomers. As Boomers reached child-bearing age, their fertility rates (births per woman) were not particularly high, but the sheer size of the Boomer generation ensured that their offspring, the Millennials, would echo the population…

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The Video Generation

Posted On August 29, 2011

Many in Generation X grew up in households with multiple TVs. They were the first generation to grow up with VCRs, DVDs, cable, and personal computers, as well. So it should come as no surprise that Gen Xers still lead the way when it comes to the consumption of video…

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Boomers Fight Aging with Wealth

Posted On August 31, 2011

The Baby Boomers are determined to remain “forever young,” even if they have to use all of their accumulated wealth to stay that way. Boomers have already pushed spending on anti-aging products to about $80 billion dollars a year and, by 2015, it will surpass $114 billion, increasing more than…

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