Coaching millennials: What a veteran Baby Boomer has learned

Coaching millennials: What a veteran Baby Boomer has learned

Posted On April 29, 2018

Herman Edwards has pretty much seen it all in a football coaching career that started in 1987 at San Jose State and ended up including head coaching stints in the NFL with the New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs. But Edwards, who at 64 fits right in the middle of the Baby Boom generation, is having to learn a few new tricks now that he’s accepted a job as head coach of the Arizona State Sun Devils. Since it’s his first coaching job since 2008 – he’s spent the last decade in broadcasting – what he doesn’t have a… Read More

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Climbing toward retirement: How do you know when you’re ready to attack the summit?

Posted On April 26, 2018

Many of us think of the years after 40 as all downhill. But Jeanne Thompson, head of Workplace Solutions Thought Leadership at Fidelity Investments, looks at them as an uphill climb – with retirement as the summit. Thompson, our guest for this episode of “What’s Working with Cam Marston,”sees three different phases of retirement: climbing, base camp and the summit. And she says research commissioned by Fidelity shows that the factors that drive our decisions about retirement and preparing for it and largely dictated by where we are on this expedition. Those in the climbing stage are 10 or more… Read More

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The mental prep needed for retirement with Jeanne Thompson of Fidelity Investments

Posted On April 25, 2018

Prepping for retirement is as much mental as fiscal. Jeanne Thompson is the Head of Workplace Solutions Thought Leadership for Fidelity Investments and she highlights their studies on the mental prep needed to start your retirement off right. Check out this episode!

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Sticking to a succession plan and overcoming an ‘epidemic of spinelessness’

Posted On April 18, 2018

The first step to succession planning, as with so many other things, is realizing you have a problem. Succession planning expert Wayne Rivers, our guest in this week’s episode of “What’s Working with Cam Marston,”has seen it all play out many times: An aging business owner tells his son he’s going to turn the company over to him, but then can’t bring himself to let go of the reins and the company suffers in a self-inflicted limbo. With everything else in life edging out of his control – his health, his mobility, his kids’ lives, etc. – the business owner… Read More

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Succession Planning expert Wayne Rivers – What to do when daddy won’t leave

Posted On April 18, 2018

Wayne Rivers talks about entrepreneurs who, in their elder days with failing health, keep tight control of their business – their final dominion. But Wayne also describes the next generation as suffering from “an epidemic of the spineless.” Remarkable insight from a guy who has studied family business and succession issues for twenty years. Check out this episode!

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Dealing with the mid-career doldrums: Is it time for a change?

Posted On April 12, 2018

Are you tired of your job? No, I mean really tired – to the point of throwing away a career of twenty-some-odd years and starting over? You may be suffering from a fairly common phenomenon I call the mid-career doldrums. You’ve been doing the same job for a couple decades, you’re bored, and the achievements that once thrilled you don’t move the needle for you anymore. You crave something new, but stepping away from the familiar into the unknown can be scary. Can you make the leap? Should you? My guest in this episode of “What’s Working With Cam Marston”… Read More

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Mid Career Doldrums – Jill Schlesinger walks us through avoiding them by making a big change

Posted On April 11, 2018

The mid-career doldrums sink around the twentieth year in the job. People get bored. What excited the about the job no longer does the trick. Is this you? What do you need to do and how to think about making a big career change to a new job. Jill Schlesinger did it. It landed her on national TV with CBS. She tells us how she did it and what we need to know to do it ourselves. Check out this episode!

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Asking the simple questions: How to get the most out of your employee benefit package

Posted On April 5, 2018

Confession time: When I was starting out in my first corporate job, I was handed a package of benefits options and told to pick out, on the spot, what I wanted. And I had no idea. So I asked my manager what he did. And that’s how I ended up with benefits tailored toward a thirty-something-year-old family man instead of something that would have been more beneficial for me at that time in my life – early twenties, unmarried and childless. I was not alone in my ignorance of the various elements of employee benefits packages, what they do, and… Read More

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With Baby Boomers in Golden Years, ‘gray divorces’ are on the rise

Posted On April 2, 2018

As America’s Baby Boomers settle into retirement, it’s time for them to finally reap the rewards of their decades of hard work, take that trip they’ve been putting off, sleep in while the working world is racing itself to the office, enjoy spoiling the grandkids. And, increasingly, to get a divorce. According to the Pew Research Center, divorce among couples 50 and older doubled in the 25 years from 1990 to 2015, from 5 per 1,000 to 10 per 1,000, and tripled among couples 65 and older to 6 per 1,000. While that’s still only about half the rate of… Read More

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