Boomers Caring for Matures

Boomers Caring for Matures

Posted On November 29, 2012

As Baby Boomers work towards retirement and see their kids off to college, many are finding that they still have a major responsibility: caring for their parents. 40% of Boomers are caring for their aging parents, all of the Mature generation. And it’s definitely affecting their lives and work: nearly 70% of Boomers report missing work to take care of an elderly relative. 60% have employed caregivers, 10% have left work, and another 10% have reduced the number of hours they work. Many are also caught between caring for their kids and their parents – the classic sandwich generation.  But… Read More

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Millennial Marketing Jumps the Shark

Posted On November 27, 2012

Campbell’s Soup may have outdone themselves, and everyone else, with the generational marketing of their new product line, Campbell’s Go.  “Designed by Millennials for Millennials,” is Campbell’s pitch for a new line of soup in a microwaveable pouch. The immediate reaction is that the effort is, well, overcooked. Brian Williams of NBC News said the product launch, which overtly pushes lots of Millennials’ hot buttons, “marked the end of the world.” The soups’ packaging recalls Capri Suns, the product page looks like Tumblr, and Millennials are encouraged to create playlists about the soups. Millennials pictured on the pouches look like… Read More

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Millennials Discovering Responsibility, Frugality, Sacrifice?

Posted On November 15, 2012

Millennials have had the reputation as being impatient, entitled, and self-indulgent. But as they progress into adulthood, some studies are showing that they are becoming mature, responsible, and frugal, and given to self-sacrifice. Some highlights: • They’re eating out less. Meals out among Millennials have declined by about 20% over the last 5 years. Now, in contrast to past trends, Gen Xers and Boomers eat out more. • They’re living at home to save money – and they’re OK with that.  More than 20% of adult Millennials are living with Mom and Dad, and 70% of those say that’s fine… Read More

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Construction Industry Institute (CII) Program called How to Achieve Success in your Workplace: An MBA of a Different Sort

Posted On November 14, 2012 Above is a link to an association write up of a program I put together for them on how to get their next generation of leaders prepared for roles of responsibility – how to work with the leaders of today and how to prepare yourself for leadership tomorrow.  We seated everyone at rounds and made sure no two people from the same company was together so that the workshop portion could function most effectively.  It was two hours long, all customized for this client, with super results.  Below is the quote from my CII point of contact for the… Read More

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Generational Vote Post-Mortem

Posted On November 13, 2012

Now that the 2012 election is over, the generational breakdown of the vote is no longer a matter of speculation but one of record. Exit polling tells which age groups showed up and for whom they voted, a long with a raft of other demographic data. One of the key questions we looked at going into the election was generational turnout, particularly of Millennials, which proved decisive in the 2008 race. Going into the election, polls indicated that Millennials still favored the incumbent but were likely to turn out less. In the end, Millennials actually increased their share of the… Read More

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Gen X Fearing Retirement

Posted On November 8, 2012

Generation X has been notoriously reluctant to embrace appropriate retirement investments. A new Pew study offers a clue as to why: they may be too afraid to even look at them. The study showed that Xers are more afraid than any other generation that their retirement will be accompanied by poverty and destitution. Nearly half (49%) of Xers are not confident they will ever have enough to retire. The fear peaks in those around 38 years old. 53% of them lack confidence about retirement. Among other generations, those figures are in the high 30s/low 40s. This fear corresponds to a… Read More

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Millennial Votes Driven by Branding, Social Media

Posted On November 1, 2012

The recent Intelligence Group survey of Millennials found that they interact with candidates and political parties in the same way the interact with their favorite brands: through causes and social media. In Millennials, the president of the Group sees “little distinction between airing their support for a candidate, a cause, a team, a movie, a birthday, or a pair of shoes they’ve purchased.” Indeed, brand loyalty and brand evangelism expressed through social media channels are key Millennial consumer traits that shape their political activity. Two-thirds of them said in the survey that social media activism was more effective at creating… Read More

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Leadership Insights

Posted On November 8, 2012

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Posted On November 3, 2012

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