Of Ants and Airlines

Of Ants and Airlines

Posted On September 30, 2022

I had a seven hour delay home back from Dallas last week. While I waited, I finished the biography of Alabama-born biologist Edward Wilson and began applying Wilson’s research to the problems I was experiencing with the airline.  ———————- Let’s talk about ants. Not females, like Aunt Martha. But bugs. Ants create complex colonies where every one of them exists to support the growth and safety of the colony. Ants can’t help it. It’s not their choice. They’re driven entirely by instinct. No ant finds food and considers keeping it for themselves. They turn and tell the colony and then… Read More

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Back Forty Beer Company Survived the Onslaught of Breweries and Is Thriving

Posted On September 26, 2022

Hatton Smith was introduced to  a group of young beer brewers eager to learn and to grow their brand. Hatton offered two things: wisdom in the beverage business and access to capital. He joined the young company and today, Back Forty Beer Company is growing, having doubled their production in the last few years. They survived the initial rush of breweries after Alabama changed the laws and many brewers arrived onto the scene and have since vanished. Hear the wisdom he offered and their plans for the future. Thanks to Show Sponsors: Alabama Center for Real Estate (ACRE) The Coastal… Read More

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Harnessing the power of an inter-generational workplace

Posted On September 21, 2022

I have long been an advocate of Baby Boomer and Generation X CEOs and managers not only listening to their millennial employees, but learning from them and giving them an active role in the decision-making process. The unique perspectives and skills of millennials are valuable in today’s workplace and can help a business ensure it is reaching the younger segments of the marketplace in the most effective ways. In the latest episode of “What’s Working with Cam Marston,” I spoke with someone who has taken that mindset a step further. Tanya Hart Little met Allison Johnston Frizzo while serving as… Read More

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Solving the Inter-Generational Workplace Code – A Case Study of Success

Posted On September 19, 2022

Tanya Hart Little, a Baby Boomer, admitted that maybe there’s something she didn’t know. In her new commercial real estate brokerage, Hart Commercial, she needed young, ambitious, and agressive talent. At the time, Tanya was mentoring Allison Johnston Frizzo, a Millennial. Through their relationship, then friendship, and now business partnership, Tanya realized that the historic model of the senior people in the industry know the most, know what’s best, and know how to get things done was broken. Tanya gave her young team some direction, worked to shape the company goals, and offered lots of leeway and then let them… Read More

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Social media and screen time: How will it affect the next generation in the workplace?

Posted On September 17, 2022

For today’s generation of young people, their smartphones are extensions of themselves. That’s how they communicate, how they entertain themselves, how they connect with others. One might even call it an addiction. Screen time predictably climbed noticeably during and after the pandemic, as recent studies show that young people spend an average of almost seven hours daily looking at a screen. How will that reliance manifest itself as this generation of young people enters the workplace? For answers, we turned to Kristi Bush, a licensed social worker, national education consultant and social media safety advocate, who joined us in the… Read More

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The Buddha (AL Public Radio Pledge Drive)

Posted On September 16, 2022

  On this week’s Keepin’ It Real, Cam Marston tells us about the Three Poisons and the three good things taught to us by the Buddha. About 2500 years ago, the Buddha listed the three things that bring unhappiness. They’re referred to as The Poisons and these things, he essentially said, will put you into a pit that’s very hard to get out of. My take on it is this: any harm caused between humans comes from these three things. What are they? They’re Anger, Greed, and Ignorance. I can say, with confidence, that any harm I’ve done to others… Read More

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A Conversation with Ag Co-ops

Posted On September 15, 2022

Years ago an audience asserted that my content on generational differences in the workplace didn’t apply to rural communities and the people who work in those communities. “It wasn’t applicable,” he said, “because people in farming communities like ours know how to work.” I assured him that if it wasn’t applicable at the time, it was coming. Today in Nashville I presented to about 125 ag co-op workers and leaders at the request of a fertilizer manufacturer. Their struggle? Finding, hiring, and retaining next-gen workers. I followed an economist – nice slot to have. (Thanks Rich Tiller for the booking!)… Read More

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Kristi Bush Discusses How Social Media May be Influencing Our Next Gen Workforce

Posted On September 12, 2022

Kristi Bush speaks nationally about the threats associated with social media. We discuss what socia media may be doing to our next generation of employees: How might their consumption of it impact them as employees? What new or different behaviors might we see? Is there anything visible right now in today’s youth that may be an indicator of what’s to come? If you’re a parent or employer, this is a conversation you’ll want to hear. Thanks to Show Sponsors Alabama Center for Real Estate (ACRE) E3 Termite and Pest Control Sandifer Wealth Persons Services Corp Roy Lewis Construction Allison Horner… Read More

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What’s Working is Growing!

Posted On September 11, 2022

My radio show, What’s Working with Cam Marston, continues to grow. Last week we added two new broadcast markets – Tuscaloosa and Gadsden, and a new state-wide advertiser is working to get their ads ready and join the show. I’m thrilled with the growth and am eager for more. Once we get comfortable with the new markets, we’ll start eyeing an additional market or two. Looking for coverage in Sylacauga, Auburn, or Dothan next. The goal is the show is to bring listeners the workplace, workforce, and marketplace trends that are shaping Alabama business. My guests have an expertise or a… Read More

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Forget what you think you know about managing Generation Z in the workplace

Posted On September 10, 2022

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: The young people of today’s generation are only concerned about themselves. They have no loyalty. They are self-entitled and have no work ethic. It was said about Generation Xers. It was said about millennials. Now it’s being said about the latest generation to enter the workforce – Generation Z. And it’s not particularly true of any of them. According to Bruce Tulgan, one of the leading voices in generational workplace research, Gen Z is neither lazy nor self-entitled. They are simply reacting to the times in which they’ve grown up. Tulgan, our guest… Read More

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