Millennials Addicted to Their Smartphones, Some Suffer “Nomophobia”

Millennials Addicted to Their Smartphones, Some Suffer “Nomophobia”

Posted On December 20, 2012

The Pew study of Millennials from a few years ago got everyone’s notice with the factoid that most Millennials sleep with their cell phones at hand. Now, a new Cisco study takes look at Millennials waking relationships with their smartphones and finds them inseparable. In fact, Millennials don’t just sleep with their smartphones. 75% use them in bed before going to sleep and 90% check them again first thing in the morning.  Half use them while eating and third use them in the bathroom. A third check them every half hour. Another fifth check them every ten minutes. A quarter… Read More

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Getting Millennials to Save for Retirement

Posted On December 18, 2012

Millennials are inclined to save retirement and a few incentives might help them get over their wariness about the risks. Those are the conclusions of a new Prudential Retirement study of what will get Millennials into retirement savings. According to the survey of Millennial employees, many of them (83%) are inclined to save for retirement by witnessing the shortfall of older generations approaching retirement age.  A similar number (81%) say retirement savings is a “must.” However, nearly half of those polled see the investments as “risky.” Moreover, many of those participating in retirement plans say they are “complicated” (63%) and… Read More

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Market May Survive Boomer Retirements

Posted On December 13, 2012

While there are many threats to the performance of equity markets, the onslaught of Baby Boomer retirements will not be one of them, according to financial analysts. While events like the “fiscal cliff” or downturns like the one in 2008 will continue to affect market performance, the fear that a mass of retiring Boomers pulling their money out of equities would crash the markets is unfounded. While large numbers of Baby Boomers have begun to reach retirement age, their retirements should have little impact on the value of equities. For one, those retirements will be spread over 25 to 30… Read More

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Millennials Open to Ads

Posted On December 11, 2012

Millennials are open to advertising, like to be entertained by it, and, if they like the message, they are likely to pass it on. A study of 4,000 Millennials by Edelman Berman revealed that only 3% of Millennials are resistant to advertising. 80% of them said they like to be entertained by advertising and 70% like to provide feedback. Millennials also like (40%) to influence, or “co-create” new products. Less than a third said they wanted entertainment (videos, games, etc.) from brands instead of advertising. On the other hand, Millennials’ fondness for learning and connecting comes through in the survey:… Read More

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Authenticity Reaches Gen X

Posted On December 6, 2012

A new study by Nielsen shows that Generation X responds to authenticity in advertising above other qualities and approaches. Advertising that is calm, reasonable, and based on real life will appeal to Xers in contrast to more aspirational, extreme, and exaggerated styles that appeal to Millennials. The study found some subtle differences between men and women of Generation X. Gen X women are more responsive to sentimentality, while Gen X men respond to competence. Both place a high value on real-world, relatable situations. The study acknowledges that Gen X is smaller than the others but represents an opportunity for marketers… Read More

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Generational Christmas Shopping

Posted On December 4, 2012

As the holiday shopping season shifts into high gear, Millennials and Baby Boomers both plan to spend, but each generation will shop in its own way. Millennials will use smartphone and online shopping about twice as much as Boomers. Boomers on the other hand, are much more likely to visit brick-and-mortar stores and use traditional coupons and sales. Millennials and Gen Xers plan to spend about $820 on gifts this year while Baby Boomers plan to spend about $760. The big difference is in how they plan to spend the money. About half of Millennials will use smartphones to compare… Read More

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