Preparing students for the workforce

Preparing students for the workforce

Posted On March 26, 2024

We know, or by now we should know, that going to college isn’t the only path toward a good-paying and rewarding career. But many blue-collar industries are still in dire need of new employees who are ready to work, who will show up on time, and who have the skills to hit the ground running. Our guests in a recent episode of “What’s Working with Cam Marston” will be leading a school designed to produce just those kinds of employees. Baldwin Preparatory Academy is a career tech school opening in Loxley, Alabama, that will prepare students for the workforce. “All… Read More

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The Auburn University aviation program is training a new generation of pilots

Posted On October 23, 2022

Want to learn to fly? Auburn University has a program for that. The roots of Auburn’s aviation program stretch all the way back to the Wright brothers, and include pilot training for World War II. These days, they’re preparing students for jobs in an aviation industry in desperate need of replacing a retiring generation of pilots. Our guests in the latest episode of “What’s Working with Cam Marston” were Auburn aviation program coordinator James Birdsong and professor of aviation management Jim Witte, who told us it’s a great time to enter in the industry if you want to learn to… Read More

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How to stand out: the differences between manners, etiquette and protocol and why they matter

Posted On August 30, 2019

Have you ever been invited to a formal dinner and didn’t know what to do? Been in a meeting and weren’t sure if it was rude to check your smartphone? Joined a conversation in progress and didn’t know how or when to introduce yourself? Our guest in a recent episode of “What’s Working With Cam Marston” has some answers. But more importantly, she wants to tell us why they matter. Cindy Grosso is a corporate etiquette expert based in Charleston, S.C., who founded the Charleston School of Protocol and Etiquette. Knowing manners, etiquette and protocol is important not just to… Read More

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Outside the comfort zone: The value of adventure travel for teens

Posted On August 19, 2019

In today’s digital age, with almost limitless entertainment at their fingertips and parents hovering overhead, it’s easy for today’s young people to forget what it’s like to do something difficult. But there’s value to facing difficult challenges, and in leaning on the help of peers to help get through them. Our guest in a recent episode of “What’s Working With Cam Marston” creates these challenges for today’s young people and believes they’re a life-changing experience. Hayes Hitchens is the founder of Moondance Adventures, a company that produces what he calls “adventure travel for teens” that are much more than just… Read More

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Education in the 21st century: Technology is a means, not the ends

Posted On March 28, 2019

Many of the jobs in today’s workplace wouldn’t have been fathomable a decade ago. How are our schools preparing today’s students for them? Our guest in the latest episode of “What’s Working With Cam Marston” is on the front lines of that battle. Blair Fisher, head of school at St. Paul’s Episcopal School in Mobile, says that incorporating technology into the classroom, while important, is only part of the solution. “There are definite ways where technology, if thoughtfully deployed, can help learning, but I far too often see it where the technology becomes and end in itself, and it’s whatever… Read More

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“Tell me again how good we have it, Dad?”

Posted On July 21, 2015

If you feel like you’re making more but have less, you might be Generation X. According to this report from Stony Brook assistant professor of finance Noah Smith, writing for Bloomberg View, the Pew Charitable Trusts tracked Generation X households like mine and found that we typically make about $12,000 more than our parents at the same age, adjusting for inflation and household size. That’s the good news. Now for the bad: Less than half the Gen Xers in every income bracket are wealthier than their parents at the same age. Part of that, of course, is that we’re spending… Read More

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Younger Generations Demand a New Experience at Events

Posted On May 7, 2013

While tradeshow and event managers pride themselves on creativity, the basic structure and components of special events have been somewhat tried and true.  A recent report by Amsterdam RAI demonstrates why savvy companies are smart to look at events and event marketing with a whole new light.  Changing demographics = changing demands, and the younger generations have explicit expectations for how they wish to be engaged.  According to the report, Millennials crave engagement and Generation X continues to be skeptical. This corroborates the experiences of many professional association clients that have expressed frustration with younger generations not attending their flagship… Read More

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Boomers Going Back to School

Posted On January 12, 2012

Whether to retrain for a new career or to make the most of retirement, Baby Boomers are headed back to school, specifically local and community colleges, in large numbers. According to the American Association of Community Colleges, nearly 400,000 Boomers are enrolled in their member institutions nationwide. Those figures are up 6% from 2007 and 12% from 2005. To accommodate the onslaught of Boomers, a number of colleges have joined the Plus 50 Initiative. The initiative is a collection of programs designed to make campus life more user friendly for an aging population. The programs also aim to shorten the… Read More

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