The fall of the golf course community and rise of the … agrihood?

The fall of the golf course community and rise of the … agrihood?

Posted On January 30, 2019

The good news for the real estate market is that millennial home-buying has slowly been trending upward since 2017. If you live in a golf course community and was hoping that’d help your property values, however, the news maybe isn’t so good. According to the Wall Street Journal, millennials are…

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Another ridiculous fabricated reason millennials can’t afford to buy a house

Posted On August 10, 2018

In the digital age of social media white noise, media outlets make their money by attracting eyeballs. Two of the ways they try to do this are by jumping on popular topics and inventing new angles until they run them into the ground, and by using what we now commonly…

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Millennial Home Ownership on the Rise

Posted On December 18, 2017

When we discuss the differences between generations, between millennials and Generation X and the Baby Boomers and iGen, it’s important to recognize that some traits or trends that may look like characteristics of a generation are really just characteristics of all people of a certain age. For instance, we may…

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After taking it on the chin for housing, Gen X finding it may be their turn

Posted On March 21, 2017

There’s a lot of attention paid to millennials in the marketplace, and with good reason – they’re the largest segment of consumers. That’s true for the housing market, as well, as the 18-to-34 demographic makes up 42 percent of residential home buyers, as pointed out by’s Jennifer Riner in…

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4 Trends of the Millennial Home Buyer

Posted On November 10, 2016

(Today’s post courtesy of who offered to share some of their home buying trends research.) By Jennifer Riner Young, urban professionals have a reputation for renting in the city. While this holds true for many, you might be surprised to learn that half of the current home buying market…

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Retirement With Gobs of Debt – A Boomer Dilemma

Posted On October 4, 2016

How much debt are you carrying? Most of us have some credit card debt. Many of us also have mortgages or student loans. Some of us are also carrying debt from home equity loans or lines of credit. As we get older, the volume of debt we’re carrying becomes an…

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Exodus? Well, kinda. Millennials, suburbia, families, and stereotypes.

Posted On September 12, 2016

Part of the picture most of us tend to have about millennials is of an urban existence. Mass transit. Refurbished lofts. Biking to Starbucks for a Frappuccino or the local craft brewery for a beer. But is it an accurate picture? According to, not so much. Citing data from…

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Top Cities for Millennials to Live Alone

Posted On September 7, 2016

(Today’s blog courtesy of Thanks to Zillow for reaching out and offering this info. Good stuff.)   By Jennifer Riner Less than 9 percent of Millennials live solo these days – a portion of the population that’s been in decline for the past few years. Because of unaffordable rents…

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Millennial House Buying & Student Debt

Posted On August 3, 2016

When are those Millennials going to start buying homes? This is a question many of us – such as economists, policy-makers, realtors, and homebuilders – keep asking. It is a well-known fact that homeownership rates among younger Americans have declined over the last 10 years. For example, in 2004 around…

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Millennials and homes – hurry up and flip

Posted On April 30, 2015

They’re upwardly mobile. They’re rootless. Sentimentality is not their thing. They’re attuned to current trends. And they have different goals and dreams than their parents. So it should be no surprise that Millennials often have different goals than previous generations when they go to buy a house — and it…

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