Don’t forget about the Boomers – financial advisor needs continue to grow

Don’t forget about the Boomers – financial advisor needs continue to grow

Posted On July 23, 2013

I work with a good deal of financial advisory firms, many of which are grappling with how to attract and engage younger investors to maintain a strong continuity of client base. And while this is increasingly important, it is also worth noting that the financial advisory needs of the Baby…

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This guy gets it.

Posted On June 13, 2013

Came across this commentary on inspiring Millennial employees in Forbes the other day and thought it was worth sharing.  The theory and tips and “story behind the story” of managing across the generations that our team provides to clients around the country is important.  But sometimes it’s helpful to hear…

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Millennials more conservative than you might think

Posted On June 6, 2013

Merrill Lynch recently released a white paper Millennials and Money that surveyed some of the most affluent members of the youngest generation currently in the workforce and found them to be at odds with many of the stereotypes typically applied to this group. Michael Liersch, director of behavioral science for…

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Are cynical Xers wearing rose-colored glasses?

Posted On May 21, 2013

Just last week we were talking about how 50% of Gen Xers are confident in their retirement savings. Today, we’re hearing that the confidence may not match up with the bank accounts. The Associated Press reported on the findings of a recent Pew study of the retirement readiness of Boomers…

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Record-Breaking Market Indexes not Lifting Millennials

Posted On March 14, 2013

As the stock market indexes reach unprecedented heights, Millennial employment and wealth are still stuck at recession like levels. Despite the emerging “green shoots” in recent economic news, including declining overall unemployment, Millennial unemployment has been stuck around 11%, with a “real” rate of about 16% (including those who are…

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Millennials, Gen Xers Most Concerned about Spending, Saving, and Investing

Posted On February 20, 2013

The two youngest generations, Millennials and Generation X, are the ones most concerned about their spending, saving, and investing, according to a TD Canada Trust survey.  In contrast, 80% of Boomers feel they are managing their money well, even if 56% feel they don’t have enough of it. Millennials are…

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Millennials are Conservative, Wary Investors

Posted On February 14, 2013

Millennial investors are more conservative and less trusting than other generations of investors, according to a recent Accenture survey. 43% describe themselves as conservative and say they prefer (27%) the “tried and true” compared to 31% and 19% of Boomers, respectively. Millennials are also much more likely to consult other…

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Wealthier Boomers Want More Advice

Posted On February 7, 2013

The wealthier the Baby Boomer, the more likely he or she will seek financial advice, according to an analysis by Millionaire Corner. Meanwhile, middle income or “Mass Affluent” (net worth between $100K and $1M) are more likely to self direct their finances. Only a quarter high net worth Boomers (>$5M)…

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Gen X Focused on Retirement Saving, Millennials Not So Much

Posted On February 5, 2013

Nearly half of Generation X (46%) cites retirement as a top-10 reason for saving and investing but less than a third of Millennials see it the same way. So says a new survey by LIMRA that assessed the younger generations’ attitudes about saving and investing. While Xers seem to focus…

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Millennials Ready for Financial Advice

Posted On January 8, 2013

On average Millennials (83%) are more concerned about retirement security than other generations (75%) according to a Bank of America survey. So what are they looking for in order to get started? Some financial advice they can relate to, says the study. 78% of them want to learn more about…

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