Younger Generations Demand a New Experience at Events

Younger Generations Demand a New Experience at Events

Posted On May 7, 2013

While tradeshow and event managers pride themselves on creativity, the basic structure and components of special events have been somewhat tried and true.  A recent report by Amsterdam RAI demonstrates why savvy companies are smart to look at events and event marketing with a whole new light.  Changing demographics = changing demands, and the younger generations have explicit expectations for how they wish to be engaged.  According to the report, Millennials crave engagement and Generation X continues to be skeptical. This corroborates the experiences of many professional association clients that have expressed frustration with younger generations not attending their flagship… Read More

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The Millennials Plight – Fight or Flight? No one knows.

Posted On July 17, 2012 Wonderful column on the plight of the Millennials in this time of “new normal.”  Worth the read.  What the author doesn’t mention is that the Millennials were raised to follow agenda and rules.  They have.  And now this.  Bitterness?  You’d better believe it.  How will their bitterness manifest itself in ten, fifteen, or twenty years?  No one knows.  It could be a whole new level of activism to change their status quo.  It could be reverting to their Boomer parent’s days of “tune in, turn on, and drop out.”  When confronted with this size of an uphill battle, fight… Read More

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