Generational mix-up? Bloomberg Businessweek campaign causes a stir

Generational mix-up? Bloomberg Businessweek campaign causes a stir

Posted On June 20, 2013

The first rule of advertising is to know your target audience. The second rule should be a no-brainer:  don’t actively offend them. Somewhere on the way to being creative Bloomberg Businessweek advertisers seem to have forgotten rule number two. In a “funny if it didn’t happen to you” subscription campaign,…

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Millennials showing another hint of Mature-like behavior

Posted On June 11, 2013

One of the core theories in generational management is that generational norms exist based largely in response to the world environment during a group’s formative years.  For the older half of the millennial generation (those currently 18 – 34) the rollercoaster economy seems to be making its mark. According to…

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Are cynical Xers wearing rose-colored glasses?

Posted On May 21, 2013

Just last week we were talking about how 50% of Gen Xers are confident in their retirement savings. Today, we’re hearing that the confidence may not match up with the bank accounts. The Associated Press reported on the findings of a recent Pew study of the retirement readiness of Boomers…

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Record-Breaking Market Indexes not Lifting Millennials

Posted On March 14, 2013

As the stock market indexes reach unprecedented heights, Millennial employment and wealth are still stuck at recession like levels. Despite the emerging “green shoots” in recent economic news, including declining overall unemployment, Millennial unemployment has been stuck around 11%, with a “real” rate of about 16% (including those who are…

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Millennials Are Stressed Out

Posted On February 13, 2013

According to a survey for the American Psychological Association (APA) by Harris Interactive, Millennials are the most stressed out generation.  A majority of Millennial adults report symptoms like difficulty sleeping that are usually related to stress. 40% report their stress has shot up significantly in the last year, compared with…

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Out-of-Work Boomers Look for Alternative Careers

Posted On January 15, 2013

Following the Great Recession, most of the conversation about generational unemployment has focused on Millennials, who have the highest numbers out of work. But many Baby Boomers also lost jobs in the recession’s aftermath (second most among generations). Often higher-paid than younger colleagues, they were the first to go in…

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Gen X: The Foreclosure Generation

Posted On January 15, 2013

A new study by the St. Louis Fed takes a look at the housing crisis, particularly foreclosures, and finds a mixture of predatory lending and household overreach to blame. The hardest-hit demographic has been Generation X and, according to the Fed, Xers share some of the blame. Generation X has…

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Millennials and Gen X Shunning IRAs

Posted On February 16, 2012

Typically, tax season brings a flurry of interest in IRAs as a tax sheltered way of socking away a few extra bucks for retirement. This year, though, well fewer than half of Millennial and Gen X investors will contribute to IRAs compared with over 70% last year. The sharp drop…

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Recession Formative to Millennials

Posted On February 14, 2012

Given the depth of the Great Recession and its enduring effects on the economy, it’s always seemed likely that it would be a formative experience for Millennials. Formative experiences occur in a generation’s youth and often come in the form of drastic economic and cultural upheavals. The Great Recession fits…

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Millennials Slow to Form Households

Posted On May 9, 2012

Millennials have always been slow to reach the milestones of adulthood. As more of them become adults, the age of first marriage and the age of first-time home buying has steadily crept up. Now, the recession has slowed them down even more as they struggle to find jobs and become…

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