Chevy Rolls Out Cars for Millennials

Chevy Rolls Out Cars for Millennials

Posted On January 17, 2012

Following extensive market research, Chevrolet has designed two new models just for Millennials. As we’ve noted before, Millennials have proven to be less enthusiastic about automobiles than previous generations. They put off getting drivers licenses and say they prefer other forms of transportation. To make a car that Millennials could love, GM surveyed about 9,000 of them and then factored their input into two new designs, which were unveiled last week. GM enlisted MTV’s Scratch division to identify features that would appeal to the next generation of buyers. Among other preferences, they found that they love social media and connectivity…. Read More

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Boomers Still Buying Cars

Posted On May 15, 2012

The love affair between Baby Boomers and their cars has never grown cold. Boomers, the first generation with a car in the driveway for every driver in the family, continue to be automakers’ steady date. While Millennials have been relatively reluctant to embrace their own sets of wheels, carmakers have had no trouble wooing their parents back into showroom time and time again. According to a study by JD Power and AARP, older generations now account for 6 in every 10 new car purchases. For American carmakers, Boomers make up over two-thirds of all their customers. On the flip side,… Read More

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Millennials Transform Car Buying

Posted On August 9, 2012

We’ve noted here that Millennials have a different attitude towards cars than previous generations and they have a different approach to retail and buying, as well. An analysis by MSN Autos explains how Millennials are changing the way we buy and sell cars. Dealers and sales associates should take note because Millennials will account for 75% of car purchases by 2205. They currently account for almost 40%. Some of the characteristics of Millennials in the market for a car: They don’t like to haggle. They know what they want and what it’s supposed to cost. They do detailed research on… Read More

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“Generation Walk”

Posted On March 31, 2012

Selling to Millennials poses a special set of challenges, especially for older generations. But those marketing and selling cars to Millennials have an even higher bar to clear: Millennials are just not that interested in driving or owning automobiles. According to the New York Times, less than half of teenagers eligible to drive had obtained a license in 2008, down from two thirds in 1998. The number of twenty-somethings with a driver’s license has also dropped. And only 27% of new car buyers are in their twenties or early thirties, down from 38% a generation ago. As with their reluctance… Read More

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