Who Employes Millennials?

Who Employes Millennials?

Posted On January 19, 2012

The United States military is the top employer of Millennials in the US, according to an innovative survey by Millennial Branding. The survey extracted employment data from 4 million Millennial Facebook profiles. It also found that Wal-Mart employs more Millennials than any other private sector employers. Rounding out the top 5 are Starbucks, Target, and Best Buy. Not surprisingly, food and retail chains that offer entry-level employment opportunities, suited to Millennials’ life stage, dominate the list. Apple is the top tech employer, likely due to their large number of retail outlets. Millennials are actually more likely to work for a… Read More

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Millennials Still Want Socially Responsible Jobs

Posted On January 5, 2012

Despite the tough job market they face, Millennials are still determined to find employment that matches their values, according to a recent Deloitte survey. The survey found that 70% of young Millennials say a company’s commitment to the community would influence their decision to work there. Even 61% of Millennials who rarely or never volunteer say corporate social responsibility would factor into their decision to accept a job with a prospective employer. The survey also found that appealing to Millennials’ volunteerism is good for retention and loyalty, in addition to recruitment. Millennials who participate in employer-sponsored volunteer activities are significantly… Read More

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Millennial Employees Want Facebook and Flexibility

Posted On January 10, 2012

Millennials are reshaping the workplace with their numbers and their values. A recent Time analysis of recent studies of the Millennial workforce provides a glimpse of the ways that it will change the way we work. For starters, the world’s workforce will be majority-Millennial in just a few years. As soon as next year, the majority of employees at companies such as Ernst and Young will be members of the Millennial generation. And according to one estimate, by 2025, three quarters of the world’s workforce will be Millennials. Along with their numbers, Millennials are bringing their values with them to… Read More

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Millennials Freelancing

Posted On October 3, 2011

Faced with bleak employment prospects and a business climate increasingly geared toward independent consultants, more and more Millennials are opting for freelance employment as independent contractors than ever before. In a recent Elance survey, 83% of Millennials said they expected freelancing to be part of their career path and only 27% said that they preferred traditional employment to freelancing. A majority of Millennials who are currently freelancing say that they prefer it to working for a single employer. In another look at the issue, the CEO of MBO Partners, a consulting firm, cites a 250% increase in the number of… Read More

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Millennials Turning to Entrepreneurship to Get Going

Posted On November 17, 2011

Millennials are finding it tough to crack today’s job market but are increasingly interested in entrepreneurship and start-ups as a way to get their careers going and pursue their goals. A new poll funded by the Kauffman Foundation shows that most Millennials want to start a business or already have. The numbers are even higher for Millennials minorities – over 60% want to or have launched an enterprise. Just 8% of Millennials already own a business – not surprising given their age – but another 11% plan to start one next year. Another 38% want to start a business but… Read More

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