Charles (my real name), Chuck, and Chas – All Present and Accounted For

Charles (my real name), Chuck, and Chas – All Present and Accounted For

Posted On January 17, 2024

This week’s Keepin’ It Real as broadcast Fridays on Alabama Public Radio. —– An icicle hangs from the roof of my house. I’m looking at it but still can’t quite believe it. Icicles are very rare here. Usually reserved for the freezer door that was left open overnight. A winter storm blew through and Mobile, Alabama is doing what it usually does when it gets below average cold – we’re freaking out. School is cancelled, quote, “out of an abundance of caution” for the kids. There’s no rebuttal to that phrase. It can’t be argued. Right now, my kids are… Read More

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Collaboration with Business Alabama magazine

Posted On October 5, 2022

October begins a collaboration between Business Alabama magazine and What’s Working with Cam Marston. Each month I’ll dig deep in one of the magazine’s stories with those interviewed in the story for my radio show and podcast. We’ll begin with a conversation with the two leaders of Auburn University’s Aviation School. They’re teaching students to fly and commercial airlines are offering student jobs upon completion of their flight hours before they graduate. What’s Working looks forward to this collaboration and continuing to spread news of the trends shaping Alabama business.

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A Conversation with Ag Co-ops

Posted On September 15, 2022

Years ago an audience asserted that my content on generational differences in the workplace didn’t apply to rural communities and the people who work in those communities. “It wasn’t applicable,” he said, “because people in farming communities like ours know how to work.” I assured him that if it wasn’t applicable at the time, it was coming. Today in Nashville I presented to about 125 ag co-op workers and leaders at the request of a fertilizer manufacturer. Their struggle? Finding, hiring, and retaining next-gen workers. I followed an economist – nice slot to have. (Thanks Rich Tiller for the booking!)… Read More

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What’s Working is Growing!

Posted On September 11, 2022

My radio show, What’s Working with Cam Marston, continues to grow. Last week we added two new broadcast markets – Tuscaloosa and Gadsden, and a new state-wide advertiser is working to get their ads ready and join the show. I’m thrilled with the growth and am eager for more. Once we get comfortable with the new markets, we’ll start eyeing an additional market or two. Looking for coverage in Sylacauga, Auburn, or Dothan next. The goal is the show is to bring listeners the workplace, workforce, and marketplace trends that are shaping Alabama business. My guests have an expertise or a… Read More

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People are listening. More importantly, they’re acting.

Posted On August 21, 2022

This image may not mean a lot to you but it does to me. This is the web traffic on John Shell’s site He was my guest on last week’s show discussing his Eagle Scout badge pursuit and I mentioned his site a few times on the show to try to send listeners there to support his very worthy project. You can see it worked. The site visits spiked the day the podcast was released and all the accompanying social media posts were sent out to announce the show. He got 15 – 20 new orders during the week… Read More

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On the road again with the Gen-Savvy Financial Advisor

Posted On July 28, 2022

When I was asked to propose a half-day program for financial advisors I was happy to dust off the contents of the Gen-Savvy Financial Advisor – update the data, refresh the slides, rehearse the content – and deliver the program at the annual LPL Focus event in Denver. The last time I did two half day programs on the topic with in 2019 with LPL in Boston. This time I added an hour of content on recruiting and retaining talent. These small-office advisors struggle with finding and retaining talent just like other businesses do. They need some understanding of the… Read More

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Book signing

Small Dream Comes True – Book Signing at Page & Palette

Posted On July 19, 2022

A small dream came true this past Saturday when I had a book signing at Fairhope’s Page & Palette book store for my new book, What Works. Sales were brisk for only brief moments of time but the event itself was what I was after. Behind me on the table are books by authors I’ve always admired (Rick Bragg, Watt Key, Winston Groome, are but a few) and to be sitting next to them with a book of my own was very special for me. Friends and family came by to check on me, buy a book, and visit for a… Read More

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Scott Hunsaker Leads Executives on their Business Exit Strategy

Posted On June 24, 2022

Successful succession planning isn’t just a plan. It’s a process. That’s what Scot Hunsaker has been preaching to his clients for nearly a decade as the Managing Partner of Ardent Group, an organization that mentors business leaders. And he hasn’t just preached it, he’s done it. In 1999, Hunsaker bought the firm his father built – Counsilman Hunsaker, an engineering firm that designs aquatics facilities. He grew the company from one office to five, from 10 employees to 50, and took the business global. Among its projects are recreation centers at the University of Alabama and UAB and Olympic facilities… Read More

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Keepin' It Real with Cam Marston

Keepin’ It Real Video Series Launches This Week

Posted On September 20, 2021

This week launches of the Keepin’ It Real video series. They’re short 3 1/2 minute motivational and inspirational videos that originated with my radio commentary series. The companies who have quickly spotted a need for the videos have several things in common: They are deeply interested in the well-being of their people at work and at home. They recognize that these videos will influence their company culture and their culture is a significant driver of employee retention. They recognize that the video’s messages will positively influence their customer facing team’s interactions with customers. They recognize that giving away positive, goodwill… Read More

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Inspiration for You and Your Team. A Gift to be Given. Something very different. Take a look…

Posted On August 23, 2021

It’s tough out there today. It’s always been tough but today just seems…tougher. Trying to find things to be happy about, to feel good about, seems harder. But we soldier on. In January, I asked myself, “How can I influence the way people feel each day? What are my tools to do so? What are my resources?” Suddenly, my Keepnin’ It Real commentaries leapt forward in my mind. Long a staple on Alabama Public Radio, I’m redesigning the Keepin’ It Real commentaries for corporate use and in the process I’ve seen an opportunity to bring something very non-traditional to my… Read More

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