Scott Hunsaker Leads Executives on their Business Exit Strategy

Scott Hunsaker Leads Executives on their Business Exit Strategy

Posted On June 24, 2022

Successful succession planning isn’t just a plan. It’s a process. That’s what Scot Hunsaker has been preaching to his clients for nearly a decade as the Managing Partner of Ardent Group, an organization that mentors business leaders. And he hasn’t just preached it, he’s done it. In 1999, Hunsaker bought…

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Keepin' It Real with Cam Marston

Keepin’ It Real Video Series Launches This Week

Posted On September 20, 2021

This week launches of the Keepin’ It Real video series. They’re short 3 1/2 minute motivational and inspirational videos that originated with my radio commentary series. The companies who have quickly spotted a need for the videos have several things in common: They are deeply interested in the well-being of…

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Inspiration for You and Your Team. A Gift to be Given. Something very different. Take a look…

Posted On August 23, 2021

It’s tough out there today. It’s always been tough but today just seems…tougher. Trying to find things to be happy about, to feel good about, seems harder. But we soldier on. In January, I asked myself, “How can I influence the way people feel each day? What are my tools…

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The Post-Covid Workplace: The 4 Most Important Changes You Need To Make Now – Mark Sanborn

Posted On July 6, 2020

On Wednesday, July 15th at Noon Central, the What’s Working with Cam Marston radio show will feature customer service and leadership expert Mark Sanborn as our first webinar guest. Mark will discuss his research into the post-Covid work environment and what leaders and teams need to know about team formation,…

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Crisis cracks our veneer. Cracks allow light in. The light shines on something long dormant. Time for Re-Order.

Posted On March 30, 2020

My Alabama Public Radio commentary last week inspired by our world-wide Covid-19 fears. We can’t come away from this unchanged… Subscribe to Keeping It Real podcasts on Apple Podcasts.

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Disaster recovery businesses have to be prepared for anything (and your business should be, too)

Posted On March 27, 2020

Did you know that, according to government statistics, nearly 70 percent of businesses affected by a major disaster will go out of business within the next two years? Russell Fountain’s business is to help companies and organizations avoid that fate. Our guest in a recent episode of “What’s Working with…

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Boards by the Bay: How a nationally famous skateboard builder created his brand in Fairhope, Alabama

Posted On March 23, 2020

Did you know there is a nationally famous builder of skateboards right across the bay in Fairhope, Alabama? I’m guessing you probably didn’t, and Bear Walker would just as soon keep it that way. Walker, our guest in the latest episode of “What’s Working with Cam Marston,” doesn’t publicize the…

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Coronavirus gives millennials, Baby Boomers something else to argue about

Posted On March 18, 2020

When you stop and think about it, our response to the global spread of coronavirus, or COVID-19, has been pretty remarkable. Professional sports leagues have suspended their seasons. The NCAA canceled March Madness and the College World Series. Disneyland and DisneyWorld have closed. People all over the country and the…

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Interview with BAI – My prediction for the future of financial professionals

Posted On March 16, 2020

Rising anxiety rates in youth today and the corresponding rise in worry by their parents will drive financial professionals to begin doing very different things within the next ten years or so. Data shows that today’s youth struggles to find happiness more than any generation in the past. One of…

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Building quarterbacks, and a business, from the turf up

Posted On March 10, 2020

If you watched Daniel Jones or Gardner Minshew play in the NFL this year, or if you’ve followed Jake Fromm or Shea Patterson in the college ranks, you’ve seen the work of David Morris and his company, QB Country. Morris, who joined us in a recent episode of “What’s Working…

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