Stop blaming millennials for the internet’s dirty work

Stop blaming millennials for the internet’s dirty work

Posted On August 20, 2018

So apparently Business Insider isn’t the only outlet obsessed with blaming millennials for the demise of pretty much any product that’s seeing a slip in sales. Quartz published a piece recently blaming millennials for what it termed the death of the classic novel. In making this claim, writer Ajinomoh Ozovehe Caleb compared sales of J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye upon its release in 1951 with a newer critically acclaimed work, Khaled Hosseini’s A Thousand Splendid Suns, which sold only half as many copies per year as Salinger’s masterpiece. Caleb further noted that it’s almost unheard of now for… Read More

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Sticking to a succession plan and overcoming an ‘epidemic of spinelessness’

Posted On April 18, 2018

The first step to succession planning, as with so many other things, is realizing you have a problem. Succession planning expert Wayne Rivers, our guest in this week’s episode of “What’s Working with Cam Marston,”has seen it all play out many times: An aging business owner tells his son he’s going to turn the company over to him, but then can’t bring himself to let go of the reins and the company suffers in a self-inflicted limbo. With everything else in life edging out of his control – his health, his mobility, his kids’ lives, etc. – the business owner… Read More

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Tech-savvy Millennials are watching (and judging) luddites

Posted On August 13, 2013

It is no secret that technology know-how of youth raised in the age of the smartphones in the pocket far outpaces those who were raised with rotary phones tethered to the kitchen wall. Today’s youth don’t really need to be taught how to use technology, rather, they need to be taught when and why to choose technology to communicate in the best way. Even then, they may be teaching that to you. A recent study by CompTIA reveals that Millennials often look at the technology offerings of potential employers when determining interest in potential job. Using social media effectively for… Read More

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Social Media, Etiquette, and Common Sense

Posted On May 14, 2013

When I was growing up a popular show on PBS had a song that teased “one of these things is not like the others, one of these things just isn’t the same.”  It’s becoming clear that etiquette, common sense and social media just do not belong in the same sentence and it is affecting the one of the most etiquette-focused areas of the business world: the job interview. Yes, the “I can’t believe somebody actually did that” HR files include job candidates who have texted or accepted cell phone calls while in an interview, according to this story from USA… Read More

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Millennials Addicted to Their Smartphones, Some Suffer “Nomophobia”

Posted On December 20, 2012

The Pew study of Millennials from a few years ago got everyone’s notice with the factoid that most Millennials sleep with their cell phones at hand. Now, a new Cisco study takes look at Millennials waking relationships with their smartphones and finds them inseparable. In fact, Millennials don’t just sleep with their smartphones. 75% use them in bed before going to sleep and 90% check them again first thing in the morning.  Half use them while eating and third use them in the bathroom. A third check them every half hour. Another fifth check them every ten minutes. A quarter… Read More

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Millennials and “Hyperconnectivity”

Posted On March 6, 2012

The Millennials are the connected generation. Statistics show them to be early adopters and avid users and consumers of all kinds of communication technology including texting, social networking, email, blogging, smartphones, etc. Now, the Pew Center is asking how all of that “hyperconnectivity” will affect the generation’s personality. Pew surveyed over a thousand internet experts about the long term effect of hyperconnectivity on Millennials. 42% saw at least one significant downside: Millennials will be apt to make poorly informed decisions based on shallow or incorrect information the get from the internet or their connected peers. On the other hand, 55%… Read More

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Millennial Diversity

Posted On April 26, 2012

Millennials share a few common characteristics but can’t all be lumped together and stereotyped, according to study by the Boston Consulting Group. “The Millennial Consumer: Debunking Stereotypes” is based on a survey of 4,000 Millennials and 1,000 from older generations. The study found a few shared traits, most notably an affinity for technology, that confirmed existing stereotypes. Millennials are significantly more likely, in some cases by a margin of 2-to1 to use various tech devices than non-Millennials. Other well-known traits that showed up in the survey include Millennials’ preference for convenience and efficiency, for peer input and social interaction, and… Read More

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Millennials “Under-banked”

Posted On May 31, 2012

Nearly half of Millennials are “under-banked,” according to a study by Think Finance, and are choosing to use financial convenience products rather than traditional banking services. Under-banked Millennials are spread evenly across income brackets all the way up to those making relatively high salaries (for their age), up to $75K a year. Under-banked Millennials are opting for instant gratification and ease of use through check cashers, payday loans, and prepaid debit cards. As a result, they are utilizing services that are more expensive but faster and easier than traditional banking. Subjects in the study say they find traditional banking too… Read More

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Millennials Going Cashless

Posted On July 11, 2012

Millennials expect technology to do just about everything for them. They even expect it to take the place of cash in the near future, according to a Visa survey.  80% of Millennials already shop online. Another 63% uses the Internet for financial transactions. 19% use their cell phones for that purpose, too. 8 in 10 Millennials now say they expect all shopping and transactions to take place online or through technology. 73% believe that should be possible using a smart phone or other mobile device.  According to the survey, only 23% of Millennials’ purchases now involve cash, a figure that… Read More

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Millennials’ “BYOD” Straining Network Security

Posted On September 11, 2012

One of the employee demands that Millennials are bringing to the workforce is known as BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device – the ability to bring their own smartphones, tablets, netbooks, etc., and to utilize workplace networks with them, including for work purposes. Now, a survey of network administrators shows a sharp increase in threats to network security and most of them blame Millennials who BYOD.0000 40% say their systems have been compromised by unauthorized downloads and many blame Millennials, specifically “males between 20 and 35” who have demanded access to workplace networks with their own electronics. Moreover, 80% of… Read More

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