If content is king, where do Millennials fit in?

If content is king, where do Millennials fit in?

Posted On August 1, 2013

Speak to a marketing professional – particularly one in the B-to-B space – and at some point they will tell you that content is king.  What does that have to do with Millennials?  Well, if content is king – then the creation of content is currency.  Millennials, who are typically in the early stages of their careers, are not frequently in the position to be the valued thought leaders of a company.  And yet, they do bring value to the content game. A recent piece on Huffington Post highlights this reality.  Millennials may not bring the earned industry knowledge to… Read More

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Buying process goes from grass roots to social circles

Posted On June 25, 2013

If Gen X put buying power in the hand of the consumer – relying more on independent research and word of mouth referrals from friends than on company-crafted advertising – then Millennials are putting it in the hands of everyone. That is, not just their family and friends, but their Facebook friends, Twitter followers, etc. In fact, according to NBC News, a recent study conducted by eBay indicated that 20% of young motorists would be willing to conduct a car purchase entirely via a mobile device. While that may be a more extreme stance, the survey results underscore the younger… Read More

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Boomers leaving the workforce, but not backing down as consumers

Posted On May 30, 2013

You have to appreciate the irony of a totally younger generation communication tool being used to explain an older generation.  Check out this info graphic/comic  that attempts to convince advertisers and businesses that their traditional target demographics are not aligned with the actual buying power in the country today. There are so many things I love about this.  As I mentioned, an info graphic is such a Gen X and Millennial way of looking at things – content may be king, but only if it is entertaining!  And yet the comic styling is classic Boomer.  It really is brilliant piece. … Read More

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Social Media, Etiquette, and Common Sense

Posted On May 14, 2013

When I was growing up a popular show on PBS had a song that teased “one of these things is not like the others, one of these things just isn’t the same.”  It’s becoming clear that etiquette, common sense and social media just do not belong in the same sentence and it is affecting the one of the most etiquette-focused areas of the business world: the job interview. Yes, the “I can’t believe somebody actually did that” HR files include job candidates who have texted or accepted cell phone calls while in an interview, according to this story from USA… Read More

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Boomers Dining Out, Millennials Dining In

Posted On January 29, 2013

The disparity in wealth between Baby Boomers and Millennials is changing the demographics of restaurant clientele.  In the past, older generations were more apt to cook and eat at home while younger generations preferred the luxury and convenience of eating out. Now the Boomers, a generation that came of age during the explosion of chain restaurants and fast food, dominate the restaurant market even as they near retirement. Meanwhile, Millennials who still like the convenience of dining out don’t have the means to do it. Even as Millennials grow into adulthood, jobs, and careers, the number of them patronizing restaurants… Read More

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Millennials: Social Marketing for a Cause

Posted On January 3, 2013

Millennials are fond of “causes,” charities, philanthropies, non-profits, etc., and are responsive to cause-based marketing. But fundraisers for actual causes can find it difficult to solicit donations from a generation that has very little money. Thus, it’s hard to translate Millennials’ enthusiasm for global and community aid and movements into real benefits for charitable organizations. However, one clean water charity seems to have found a way to channel Millennial enthusiasm into real donations: it turns them into social media fundraisers. Mycharitywater.org found that what Millennials lack in funds, they can make up for with their fondness for social media and… Read More

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Millennial Employees Want Facebook and Flexibility

Posted On January 10, 2012

Millennials are reshaping the workplace with their numbers and their values. A recent Time analysis of recent studies of the Millennial workforce provides a glimpse of the ways that it will change the way we work. For starters, the world’s workforce will be majority-Millennial in just a few years. As soon as next year, the majority of employees at companies such as Ernst and Young will be members of the Millennial generation. And according to one estimate, by 2025, three quarters of the world’s workforce will be Millennials. Along with their numbers, Millennials are bringing their values with them to… Read More

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Millennials and “Hyperconnectivity”

Posted On March 6, 2012

The Millennials are the connected generation. Statistics show them to be early adopters and avid users and consumers of all kinds of communication technology including texting, social networking, email, blogging, smartphones, etc. Now, the Pew Center is asking how all of that “hyperconnectivity” will affect the generation’s personality. Pew surveyed over a thousand internet experts about the long term effect of hyperconnectivity on Millennials. 42% saw at least one significant downside: Millennials will be apt to make poorly informed decisions based on shallow or incorrect information the get from the internet or their connected peers. On the other hand, 55%… Read More

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Millennial Diversity

Posted On April 26, 2012

Millennials share a few common characteristics but can’t all be lumped together and stereotyped, according to study by the Boston Consulting Group. “The Millennial Consumer: Debunking Stereotypes” is based on a survey of 4,000 Millennials and 1,000 from older generations. The study found a few shared traits, most notably an affinity for technology, that confirmed existing stereotypes. Millennials are significantly more likely, in some cases by a margin of 2-to1 to use various tech devices than non-Millennials. Other well-known traits that showed up in the survey include Millennials’ preference for convenience and efficiency, for peer input and social interaction, and… Read More

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How do the Generations Rate?

Posted On June 26, 2012

Baby Boomers give the most positive online ratings, Gen Xers the most negative ones, and Millennials fall in the middle, according to a Bazaarvoice study of 6 million online opinions. A majority of all generations are now online and all participate in reviewing and rating products on web sites. In fact, 82% of all online reviews and ratings are positive, according to the study.   Baby Boomers now make up the largest group of online reviewers at 45%. They are also the most likely to give the highest (5-star) ratings to products. Not surprisingly, Gen Xers tend to be the harshest critics… Read More

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